what is the grammar of language and list of essential grammar topics

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what is the grammar of language and list of essential grammar topics


We will learn here more about what is grammar and which are the important grammar topics.

What is grammar

Grammar is a way of using language rules. Most of the time, we are discouraged by the word grammar. So we will not use that word again. Instead of that, we will use the word rules.

Now it is important to consider that every language has its own set of rules (grammar) for its correct use. Just like clutch, break and accelerator are needed to control the vehicle and to drive it safely

Language is also used rightly by learning this set of rules called grammar. Here we will study the important topics that are necessary for English speaking, writing, and other academic purposes.

List of the topics to be studied by everybody to learn English grammar

1)Parts of the speech( basic)

2)Types of the sentences

3)Simple present tense with am/ is /are

4)Simple past tense with was/ were

5)Simple future tense with will be/ shall be

6)Tenses in English

7)Passive voice tenses in English

8)Use of articles a an the

9)Use of prepositions

10)Use of punctuation marks

11)Degrees of comparison

12)Direct speech and indirect speech

13)Clause -what is it?

14)Synthesis /transformation of the sentences

15)WH questions and yes/ no (verbal )questions

16)Modal auxiliaries

17)Question tag

18)As soon as- no sooner…… than -hardly….. when

19)If -not =unless

20)Use of Though/Although/ Even though

21)Used to =would

22)Prefer -to


24)Use of noun/verb forms

25)Infinitive -gerund- present participle

26)Able to- unable to

27)Remove too-to

28)Use not only – but also, either- or, neither -nor

29)Subject-verb agreement

30)Types of nouns, pronouns and adjectives

31)discourse markers

32)How to exclamatory sentences?

There are also some other important grammar topics that need to be studied for a better understanding of the English language.


We can say that grammar controls the use of language and we should study necessary topics of grammar.

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