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Do With Difference

Purpose of purpose

To strive,

To seek,

To find

And not to yield…

(Alfred lord Tennyson)

Ever since I have read these lines from Tennyson’s poem Ulysses, way back in my my childhood ,I have been striving, seeking and finding without giving up. We do so many things but we should always remember Steve Jobs’ popular words Stay HungryStay Foolish. They prompt us to learn new things and never think that know everything.

Regarding this, We can say that human life is a journey of learning new things all the time through our experiences and practices with struggles. It is that intuition which makes us know more about the world. For that we need good communication skills in English( oral and written) We should have sufficient store of its vocabulary, knowledge of grammar and writing skills. We must keep on searching creative and innovative ways to make our life beautiful. So we need strong motivation and creative force. Ultimately it will lead us to the meaningful and satisfactory life.

We are here to do all these traditional things with different edge. let’s do with difference to make strong and indelible imprint of us over the world. Together we will search New horizons of knowledge and skills to make this world a better place .It is just the the beginning, long journey is awaiting us .Can you listen to the call for it same as expressed by Robert Frost in his poem Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening?

The woods are lovely dark and deep,

Butt I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep…

Welcome to learnhatkey.com

The journey begins…

with team learnhatkey.com

All green lights…

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