How to use used to and would

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How to use used to


We often think or talk about past habitual actions that are expressed by using used to or would.

It is a kind of past tense that we use for this special purpose.

Here, we will see the use of used to and its equivalent would in detail.

What is the meaning and use of used to and would?

Basically, we use used to for past habitual actions, states such as

Example- I used to play hide and seek in my childhood.

2) He used to be shy in his school days.

3)They used to have brunch at 11.00 a.m.

We can’t use would for states in the past and we use would only for stories from the past.

Example- 1)They would visit the fort daily and they would discuss the future there.

The formula for using used to

Subject+ used to + v1+ object.

Subject+ did+ not+ use to+ v1+object.

Did+ subject+ use to+ v1+ object+ ?

Did + subject+ not+ use to+ v1+ object+ ?

The formula for using would

Subject+ would + v1+ object.

Subject+ would+ not + v1+ object.

Would+Subject + v1+ object?

Would+Subject + not +v1+ object?

Examples of used to and would

1)I would tell stories=I used to tell stories. (Affirmative)

I would not tell stories= I did not use to tell stories.(Negative)

Would I tell stories? = Did I use to tell stories? ( Interrogative)

Would I not tell stories? = Did I not use to tell stories? (Interrogative negative)

2)He always won the trophy.

He used to win the trophy.

He would win the trophy.

3)She would cook for the family.

4) You used to make fun of him

5) We would play together= we used to play together.

How to use Be used to+ Ing form of the main verb

We can use be used to + ing form of the verb to show our current or past habits or routines.

The formula for be used to

Subject+ be(am/is/are/was/were/will be/shall be) +used to +v1+ing+object


1)I am used to playing football.

2)She is used to studying daily.

3)We are used to reading books.

4)I was used to singing songs.

5)We were used to asking questions.

6)He was used to collecting stamps.


In this way, we can use used to= would for our past habitual actions.

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