Best ways to use prefer to correctly

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Learn to use Prefer To correctly


Often, we tell about our preference from two more things using prefer to. When we like one thing more than another thing or things, we use the structure of prefer to

Here we will study prefer to in detail.

What is the meaning of prefer to?

In simple words, prefer to means we like something more than anything else. Such as we like tea. We also like coffee. But we like tea more than coffee. Then we can say as follows.

I prefer tea to coffee.

Prefer to is only used for nouns in simple present/past/ future tenses

The formula for using prefer to

Subject+ prefer+ object number 1+to+ object number2

Here, the meaning is that object number one is more liked than object number two

Examples of the use of prefer to

1)I like cricket. I like football more than cricket.

Answer- I prefer football to cricket.

2)He prefers books to mobile.

3)They prefer playing to sleeping.

4)You preferred news to movies.

5)We preferred study to practice.

5)My brother prefers English to French.

Conclusion for prefer to

We can use prefer to when we want to tell that we like something(A) than another thing (B).

I hope this will help you to use English more effectively than before.

With love+ respect from team

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