Sample anchoring script for morning assembly in school in English

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Sample anchoring script for morning assembly in school in English.

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Morning school assembly is a very important and helpful activity for students teachers and also for the schools. There are different ways and sequences to conduct it and the most important part of it is that students are the anchors. so that they develop leadership qualities and good communication skills. Here is our sample anchoring script for morning assembly in school in English with a sample assembly program schedule with important points and details. You can use it by making relevant changes.

Here are some other important anchoring scripts for your help.

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Sample morning school assembly schedule in English

1 ]morning greetings, the introduction of the anchors

2] prayers 1,2,3


4] Newspaper reading in English and Hindi

5] Thought of the day

6]Moral story/ speech/ motivation /creative ideas/ GK topics/ principal’s message.

7] Birthday wishes

8] National anthem

9] Formal ending[ conclusion]

We have given you a complete anchoring script and also each part of the anchoring script for the morning assembly in school. First, we will see separate anchoring scripts for various parts of the morning school assembly, and then we have a complete anchoring script. Let’s start.

Who is anchor

The person compering a show, introducing the program and participants is called a master of ceremony.

In short, he or she is called MC or emcee or compere or anchor or announcer, or microphone controller. He or she works as a mediator,

 announcer, and coordinator of the program.

Anchoring script for the beginning of morning assembly in school

Good morning all of you, with great respect and pleasure we are going to start today’s school assembly. our respected principal sir/madam distinguished teachers and my dear friends, I welcome you all with great respect and pleasure for today’s assembly.

I am….. And my co-anchor….. Will take you through this assembly. if you

think positively, you will become positive, with this note let us start.

Anchoring script for the prayers in school assembly

 we will begin our day with a prayer.

 It purifies our soul and fills our mind and body with divine energy and positive

thoughts. I would like to request our school’s prayer group to come forward for it and start today’s prayer. I request you all to sing it with them.

Anchoring script for the pledge in school morning assembly

 The prayer has filled us with positivity.

Now it is time for the pledge which is the best way to show our love and respect for our nation and humanity. I would like to call….. From….. Class for the pledge and

 request you to take a pledge after him/her.

Anchoring script for news reading in school assembly

The best way to stay updated about the world is news reading. We must be aware of

the current happenings around us and the only way to do so is through news reading. Now I would like to request…… From… Class to read today’s news headlines.

Anchoring script for a new word in school assembly

If we want to master any language and make our spoken and written English outstanding, we need to increase our vocabulary and the best way is to learn new English words daily. To encourage your English vocabulary store we conduct an activity of telling a new word with its meaning and usage. Today …. from … standard will tell a new word.

Anchoring script for the special days in school assembly

We celebrate various days for remembering our special achievements and to keep our

 culture and traditions going. Today is one of the most memorable days as we are going

 to celebrate…… Day in our school. I request….. From…… Class to tell us the importance

 and significance of…… day.

Anchoring script for birthday celebrations in school assembly

Birthday is the most important and special day for everyone. Every day we celebrate and

share and enhance the happiness of birthday boys and girls. Today……… are celebrating

 their birthdays. so let us all wish them. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you dear…..

 Happy birthday to you.

Birthday boys and girls-

Thank you, principal madam/sir, thank you teachers, and thank you, my friends.

Anchoring scripts for various competitions in school assembly

1]Anchoring script for speech or elocution competition

Good morning all of you, we have gathered here for the speech competition. speech is the

 best form of communicating our ideas and thoughts about any given topic to the masses.

 All the successful and great leaders are great speakers or orators. To promote this kill

in our students, we have arranged an elocution competition in our school. we have selected

 10 participants from each class and there will be three winners from each class. Let me

tell you the rules of this competition. 1] speech should not be less than 3 minutes and more

 than 5 minutes. 2] no controversial statements are allowed 3] Address the whole audience

4]the participants are given numbers so they should not mention their names

5] we have neutral judges and their decision will be final.

Now we will start the competition. Please encourage the participants with claps. we will

begin with… the class first I would like to call the participant’s number….. Thank you very much

 for your speech. Now I would like to invite……. for the speech.

Anchoring script for the quiz competition

Good morning all of you, today we are going to conduct a quiz competition in our school.

 Sounds interesting! Yes, you heard it right. A quiz competition is one of the best ways to

show your knowledge and I am sure it is going to be an interesting activity. You all are going

 to enjoy it.

Let me tell you the format and the rules of this quiz competition. From screening tests, we

 have selected four groups from our school for the quiz competition. They are group number

1 group number 2 group number 3 and group number 4. There will be three members in

each group. The question for the quiz will be about general knowledge, science and technology

 inventors, and quick answer questions. The decision of the judges will be final. Each group

 will be asked three questions in each round and there will be a total of 3 rounds. Each question

 Carries 2 marks. If any group is unable to answer the question then it will be passed to

 the other group who will get bonus marks after the correct answer. There is no –

 negative marking for

 wrong answers. You will be given 20 seconds to answer in the first and second rounds and

10 seconds in the third round. I hope all of you have understood the format and the rules.

Let us start with group number one. your first question is …………….

your second question is ……….

your third question is………

 Now we will ask questions to group number 2/3/4 after first-round scores

of each group are…..

Here we have completed the first round. Let us move to the second and third rounds.

Finally, we have completed three rounds and the judges have prepared the result. I am

 very excited to announce the name of the winning group.

Can you guess the winners? yes, it is group number 3 with 60 marks. Heartiest

congratulations to all the winners and well played to all the groups and participants

thank you all.

Anchoring script for the guest speech and presentation in the school assembly

Good morning and welcome to this special guest speech and presentation program.

Today’s honorable guest speaker is….. He/she is going to give a speech and presentation

about… The subject which is highly important for the students. We are very eager and

curious to know about it. I would like to request our guest to start the speech and


Anchoring script for the conclusion or end of the morning assembly in school

Here we come to the concluding part of our today’s morning school assembly.

Education is not what a person learns but what he becomes. so our journey of becoming better day by day will continue and we will meet again in tomorrow’s assembly with new thoughts and new ideas. With a grateful heart, we thank you all and take your leave and wish you all a very nice day ahead.

This is our topic-wise anchoring script for the morning assembly in school. now we will see the complete anchoring script for morning assembly in school as per the above-given program schedule.

Sample anchoring script for story-telling for morning assembly in school

The story is one of the best forms of learning and understanding new and existing things and values. The story with the moral lesson has a great impact on the minds of the listeners. Today …………. from  ………. std is going to tell you a very interesting story and I am sure that you will enjoy it and follow its moral.

Sample anchoring script for morning assembly in school in English


Anchor 1]A WILL will find a way, good morning and my name is Sam and I would like to welcome our principal, teachers, nonteaching staff, and my dear friends with my co-anchor Rita. It is Monday and you can smell the freshness of the week and enthusiasm filling this atmosphere. I am Sam and I would like to welcome you all to this morning’s assembly with my co-anchor Rita.

Anchor 2]Good morning and let’s start today’s assembly by remembering God whose blessings boost our energy to lead through thick and thin. please start prayer No. 1,

prayers 1,2,3

Anchor 1]Prayer purifies our minds and takes away negativity. Now to express our commitment to our nation, we will take the pledge.


Take your right hand ahead and start the pledge.

Anchor 2] Our pledge reminds us of our duties to our nation, society, and people.

English news

Now let us take a look at the happenings around the world. Yes, there will be news reading now, and ……. from ……….. standard will read English news.

National language news

Anchor 1] Hindi is our national language and reading Hindi news will help us improve our command of it and at the same time, we will be updated with current affairs. ….. from …… standard will read Hindi news.

The importance of the day

Anchor2] Thank you very much …. Every day is important whether it is from the past, present, or coming in the future. Each day is associated with memories and happenings. So it has its own importance. Now ………. from ……… standard will tell the importance of today.

Thought of the day

Anchor 1] Really today’s date is very much notable and to make it more meaningful, we will listen to the thought of the day.

Anchor 2] I hope you will remember this thought and try to act accordingly. Just like we need to take a bath daily, we need a daily dose of motivation. Today ……. from ……. standard will tell a motivational story /moral story /deliver a speech about…. / tell a creative idea/ talk about GK topic/ principal’s message.

Anchor 1]Thank you for the words of motivation.

Birthday celebration

Birthday is the most important occasion for each individual. we will celebrate today’s birthdays of our school students.

Today …… from ……… standard is celebrating his/ her birthday. He/ she is …… years old. Let us wish him/her.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you dear …..

National Anthem

Anchor 1] The most valuable and respectable song for every citizen of our nation is our National anthem. Let’s start it.

standard at ease, attention, stand straight don’t move and start the national anthem.

[ national anthem]


Anchor 2] Raise the slogans with me. Bharat Mata ki -Jay, Vande- Mataram anchor 1] Here we come to the concluding part of our school’s morning assembly for today. we thank you all for being here as active participants. we will meet for the next assembly with new ideas and thoughts. Till then, have a nice day to you all, and thanks again.

Anchor 2] stand at ease, attention, standard at ease, Assembly disperses.

[Three claps]

Anchor 1] Now all the students will go to their respective classes in proper lines.

Sample anchoring script for the beginning of Monday morning school assembly

Anchor 1:Good Morning to you all and a very warm welcome to our principal, teaching and non-teaching staff, and dear friends. It is Monday today and the second day of the week and the first working day. I am Peter and I would like to introduce my co-anchor, Gwen

Anchor 2: A very good morning to you all. Monday is a very special day and it got its name from the Anglo word Mondandaeg which means the moon’s day. Monday is the second day of the week in Nordic culture and the Goddess of the moon is worshipped. The old English word for moon is Mona which is given to the girls born on Monday. Let’s start our assembly with prayer.

Sample anchoring script for any corporate event.

Sample anchoring script for Independence Day celebration.

Sample anchoring script for PTA parents teachers’ meeting.


This is our sample anchoring script for the morning assembly in school in English. you can use it by making relevant changes to it.

With love + respect from the team

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