Sample anchoring script for any corporate event

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Sample anchoring script for a corporate event


Nowadays, there are various kinds of corporate events conducted by various organizations. They are meant for the celebration of good performance and sharing the future vision for growth and motivation. Here is our sample anchoring script for any corporate event with a program schedule for easy and better understanding.

Sample program schedule for any corporate event

  1. The arrival of all the dignitaries
  2. Lamp lighting
  3. Felicitation of the guest
  4. Welcome song
  5. Performance report
  6. Cultural activities [songs, dances]
  7. Competitions
  8. Prize distribution
  9. Chief guest speech of the participants
  10. Vote of thanks

Sample anchoring script for any corporate event

Let’s see a sample anchoring script for any corporate event.

Anchor 1- Good evening ladies and gentlemen, honorable chief guest, president, CEO, and all the dignitaries present here for XYZ Multinational’s annual event. I am Sam and with my co-anchor Rita, I would like to welcome you all.

Anchor 2- Good evening and congrats to all the high-performing teams present here, make yourself comfortable in your seats, let’s clap for our achievements this year to boost our enthusiasm on this very special day.

Anchor 1- We are all amazing people connected with each other with the bond of team spirit and brotherhood and we share similar visions and strive for the best. Let’s start our function with lamp lighting. I would like to call our president, CEO, and chief guest to come forward for it.

[lamp lighting]

Anchor 2- The lighted lamp is the symbol of auspiciousness and it is our culture to light the lamp before starting the program. Now it is the time to felicitate our guests.

I would like to request our president to felicitate our chief guest—– thanks a lot. After this warm felicitation, we would like to welcome all the participants with a sweet welcome song. Our team members will sing it and let’s welcome them with claps.

[welcome song]

Anchor1- Sweet and affectionate notes have filled our hearts with positivity and good vibes. Our president will take this opportunity to give his welcome address. I request our president to present our annual performance report. Please welcome Mr. John Thomas.

[welcome speech]

Anchor 2- Thank you sir for your warm welcome speech. Now our CEO Mr. John Thomas will present our annual performance report. Please welcome Mr. John Thomas.

[annual report]

Anchor 1-Thanks a lot sir, We are the winners for this year and our performance is crossing new milestones each year. We deserve appreciation and for that purpose, this annual event has been organized. It will let us know where we are and what is our future vision. So let’s brace up for a tremendous performance for the next year while celebrating the last one.

Anchor 2- Now our team members will perform a cultural program of songs and dances. Let me give you the schedule of the cultural program of songs and dance. First, there will be Ganesh Vandana, then duet singing, and last but not least Punjabi dance by our team members.

So let’s begin with the sacred Ganesh Vandana

Anchor 1- Really it was highly devotional and performance now our team members —- and—- will sing—-duet—

Anchor 2 – your singing has left us spellbound and taken us into the wonderful world of music where there is nothing but peace and enjoyment. Now get ready to shake your feet with our team members’ Punjabi folk dance, please welcome our star performers for this evening.

(Punjabi dance)

Anchor 1- Really it was a very nice performance that made us move our feet with the beat. Thanks to all the performers. Now there will be various competitions on the occasion of our annual event.


Anchor 2- There is the most awaited moment. Yes, our company’s top performers will be awarded by the hands of the chief guest.

(prize distribution)

Anchor 1- congrats to all the winners and thank you, dignitaries. Now I would like to request our chief guest, Mr. Harold Hogan, to deliver his speech.

(Chief guest’s speech)

Anchor 2- thanks a lot sir for your motivational words your words of experience will definitely create positive changes among us.

Anchor 1- now our team members will express their feelings on this occasion.

Anchor 2 – thanks to all the speakers for expressing your respect and gratitude towards our organization.

Here we come to the concluding part of our annual event. our senior executive will propose a vote of thanks.

Anchor 2 – thanks a lot for this successful annual event. I declare that the program is over but don’t go without having dinner. All the arrangements for dinner have been made in the dining hall. Wish you all the best, Thank you all.


This is our sample anchoring script for any corporate event in English.

I hope it will be helpful for you. use it by making relevant changes and do let us know your valuable suggestions through your comments.

With love +respect from the team

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