Sample letter about myself with points in English

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Sample letter about myself with points in English


We write different kinds of letters including formal and informal about family ,friends, authorities, complaints, suggestion, Advices. Here we are going to know how to write sample letter about myself in English. we have given important points for your easy understanding and preparation.

Important points for sample letter about myself in English

1] format of letter including sender’s address, salutation, main body,and concluding paragraph.

2] points about myself including name, age, birth date, marital status, address,  family, educational qualification, occupation, work experience, favourites, my qualities, my strengths and weaknesses, my dream, my aim in life

sample letter about myself with points in English

Here is our sample letter about myself in English

Sam Robbins

Orko City

Post Box number 58

date -18th may 2022

Dear Sir/ madam / friend,

I am writing you about myself through this letter. I am Sam Robbins. I am 20 years old, my birth date is 1st January. I am happily married with Susan  and I have a Son named Rodger, my parents live with me. We enjoy being a part of the joint family.

I live in Orko city with my loving and caring family. There 5 members in my family. My father is the head of my family and we have very healthy family relations. I am a mechanical engineer.  I run  a small business of automobile spare parts.

I have many hobbies such as reading, Internet surfing, making friends, cooking, gardening. I give you my spare time for my hobbies but my first priority is my family and its well being. So I try to give my quality time for the sake of my family. I love my family very much and I am ready to sacrifice anything for it. My favourite food is Indian And subcontinental sometimes I enjoy Japanese and Italian cuisine. My favourite films are from Avengers’ series and Ironman is my favourite superhero. I like to read different kinds of books and my favourite book is The Alchemist. My favourite TV show is Expedition unknown with Josh Gates but I don’t want to spend too much time in watching TV.

I have my established set of principles like hard work, sincerity, punctuality, perseverance, respectfulness. I try to follow my principles to the best of my ability. I am always kind, loving and helpful person for all. I like to develop problem solving skills, creativity and emotional intelligence. These are my strengths but I spend lot of time on my Android phone this is my weakness and I am working on it to solve it completely. My aim in life is to become but a tech Millionaire, it is my dream to develop Something online for the help of people all over the world.

This is all about myself that is Sam Robbins.

yours lovingly,

Sam Robbins

This is the main letter about myself.


This is our sample letter about myself in English. you can use it by making relevant changes as per your requirement.

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