Sample anchoring script for school and college Annual Day celebration

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Sample anchoring script for the annual day of school and college


The annual day is very important for students, teachers, parents, schools, and colleges. It is the day that marks the outcome of the whole year and how students are being developed all around. Effective anchoring script is also an important part to make the function successful and memorable.

Preparing an anchoring script for the annual day is a very important task. Here is our sample anchoring script for the annual day of school and College.

Program schedule for school and college annual day function

We will prepare our sample anchoring script as per the following sample program schedule.

1)Arrival of the guests

2)Welcome address

3)lamp lighting

4)Felicitation of the guests

5)Welcome song

6)annual report by the principal

7)Guest introduction

8)Prize distribution

9)Chief guest’s speech

10)Cultural program of songs, music, and dance

11)Vote of thanks

12)Formal announcement of the end of the program

Sample anchoring script for annual day celebration of school and college

Now we will prepare a sample anchoring script for the annual day function of the school and college.

Anchor 1: Respected chief guest, guest of honor, our principal, vice principal, teaching and non-teaching staff, honorable parents, and our enthusiastic students, good evening to you all, and welcome to the annual day function of ABC school and college.

Anchor 2: Good evening and welcome all, what an amazing atmosphere and energy of our eager students who are awaiting this annual day function for a long time. I would like to request our chief guest to inaugurate this celebration by lighting the lamp with our guest of honor and our principal.

(Lamp lighting)

Anchor 1: now our annual day function begins. I would like to give you an idea of today’s function schedule. After lamp lighting, there will be the felicitation of the guests, welcome song, annual school college report by the principal, guest introduction, prize distribution, chief guest’s speech, the cultural program of songs, music, and dance, and then the formal ending with the vote of thanks.

Anchor 2: so we have a very interesting and wonderful time now with this fun, learning, and enjoyment through this function. Now it is time to felicitate our guests with flowers and mementos. I would like to request our principal to honor our chief guest Mr.—– with a bouquet and memento.

(Chief guest’s honor)

Anchor 1: thank you, sir, now I would like to request our principal to honor our Guest of honor Mr.—- with a bouquet and memento.

(Guest of honor felicitation)

Anchor 2: thank you all. With this warm and affectionate felicitation, we would like to give a sweet and musical welcome to you all present here. Our music group will sing a sweet welcome song.

(Welcome song)

Anchor 1: Really it was a very kind and heartwarming welcome. We are all thankful to our music group for it. Now I would like to request our principal to present the annual school/college report.

(Annual report by the principal)

Anchor 2: I am sure this report has made everybody aware of our continuous efforts for the all-around development of our students as well as school/college.

We are very fortunate to have a great literary personality as our chief guest and our vice principal will give the introduction of our chief guest.

(Chief guest introduction)

Anchor 1: thank you very much sir for introducing us to our chief guest. Now there will be the most awaited program of prize distribution for outstanding student performers throughout the year.

(Prize distribution – )

(sample sentences for anchors for prize distribution-

I would like to request —— to give away prizes. The first category is …… and the first prize goes to …….. from ….std. The second prize winner is ….. from …. Std. The third prize winner is …. From … std.)

Congrats to all the winners and thanks a lot to the dignitaries. After this prize distribution, there will be the speech of our chief guest. I would like to request Mr. —- to address us.

(Chief guest speech)(Anchor should repeat the important points from the speech of the chief guest)

Anchor 2: thanks a lot sir for your motivational and inspiring speech. It will really benefit us all. Now the moment of the exciting event has arrived. Our students are going to present a cultural program of songs, music, and dance.

Anchor 1: we will start from lower standards.

Please welcome the students of ….. std they will present a song/dance.

(Students’ performance of song and dance)

Really it was the most outstanding and delightful performance. Now the students of … std will present ….. performance.

I must say our students have taken great efforts to make this performance great and enjoyable.

Anchor 2: after this wonderful cultural program. We have reached the concluding part of this exciting event of the annual day celebration. We will end the program with a vote of thanks. I would like to request our senior supervisor Mrs. —– to propose a vote of thanks.

(Vote of thanks)

Thanks, madam, again I would like to thank you all and declare that the annual day celebration of ABC school/college has ended. All the best. Thank you.


This is our sample anchoring script for the school and college Annual day celebration.

With love +respect from the team

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