How to write tourist leaflet and fact file


Generally we need to write leaflet and fact-file about any famous or particular place. It is a very handy way to make others aware about it.

Here we will see how to write tourist leaflet and fact-file about any given place.

what is leaflet?

Leaflet is a small book or paper including information about any kind of subject like tourist place, religious place, historical place and mostly it is freely distributed.

Most commonly, we write a tourist leaflet about hill station, religious places, historical places and sea beaches.

format of the leaflet

Let’s see the standard format of the tourist leaflet.

a)Title and intro

b)How to go there

c)Where to stay(accommodation)

d)What to see

e)Best time to visit

f) Speciality of the place

g)Appeal to visit the place

Also you can add some of your own ideas.

you can use above given points to write about any tourist place in the form of leaflet. Expand above points with the facts and stats about the place

Specimen topic 1)prepare a tourist leaflet about any hill station. Use the following points.

How to go there

where to stay(Accommodation)

What to see

Best time to visit

Add your own ideas.

Specimen leaflet about the hill station.

The most popular hill station Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is a very famous hill station visited by the tourists from all over the world

How to go there-

Mahabaleshwar is well connected by the network of roads. there are no railways, waterways, Airways except helicopter. Tourist buses ,taxis and private vehicles ply daily from all the major cities nearby.

Where to stay-

Staying is not a problem here. You can stay in government rest house, tourist resorts, 3 star, 5 star hotels and even in boarding houses. Their charges vary from $10 to 250 dollars per day.

what to see

Hill station Mahabaleshwar is full of tourist of attractions. Lush green vegetation, high mountains and Deep valleys with various tourist points like Arthur sit point, Wilson point, Tiger point, Window point, Bombay point, Venna lake, Dhobi falls and famous Gokarn Mahabaleshwar temple.

Best time tourist

You can visit at anytime of the year but to enjoy this place at its best, visit between October to May.

Speciality of the place

This place is special for greenery, fresh and clean air, pleasing atmosphere, Juicy Strawberries and ancient temples. Mahabaleshwar is full of tourists throughout the year.

you are always welcome to Mahabaleshwar

This is a specimen tourist leaflet for a hill station.

Now we will see how to prepare a fact file of any tourist place.

fact file writing

Fact file is prepared to give basic important details of any place or thing or person. There are only important points and no complete sentences with bulky details.

let’s see format of the fact file

Format and specimen points for fact file.


b)How to go (for places only)

c)Where to stay(for places only)

d)What to see(for places only)

e)Best time to visit(for places only)


Add your own ideas.

Some general instructions for writing a fact file.

Give suitable title.

prepare points giving every detail.

Write down the facts in front of the points.

your fact file is ready.

let’s see how to prepare a fact file about tourist place or hill station.

Fact file-Hill Station-Mahabaleshwar

How to go there-

only roadways with buses,tourist taxies and private vehicles.

No railway, airway, waterway

where to stay

A government rest house, tourist resorts, 3 star 5 star hotels, boarding houses

what to see-

Nature’s beauty, points- Arthur sit, Bombay, tiger ,Wilson, window, venna lake, dhobi falls, Mahadev temple.

best time to visit –

October to May


vegetation, cool air, strawberries, Arts and crafts material.

You are wel- come to Mahabaleshwar.

So this is a specimen fact file.


Here we have seen the formats, points and specimen leaflet and fact file about tourist place.

I hope you will like them. Students need it for exam purpose.

With love+ respect from team

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