Master the art of Email writing

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MAster the art of Email writing


If you want to succeed in this fast-paced computer world, you should master the art of writing e-mails correctly.

We can communicate and send a variety of data and information to any part of the world within seconds. So it is a must for everyone to learn to write correct and effective emails.

Here we will learn the techniques of writing e-mails.

What is an E-Mail and its full form?

The full form of email is electronic mail. E-mail is mail sent from one computer email id to other through the internet. we can also send attachments like text, images, or video files with it. It is the very best, easy, convenient, and useful.

What are the 7 basic parts of an email message?

there are six basic parts of an email template. They are as follows.

1)Recipient’s email id.

First, write the email id of the recipient of your mail correctly.

2)Subject of your mail

write the subject of the email in short such as

a)application for ……

b)interview request

c)Complaint about service/ product/any problem.

d)Greetings /gratitude /apology/ request /instruction


Use correct salutation as per formal/ informal mail subject.


dear sir/ madam

dear chairman/principal

dear friend/ dear brother

4)The first paragraph

the first paragraph includes information of the subject of your mail. You should be clear, direct, concise, and precise. Then mention properly if it is job application, an interview request, or any other topic that you want to write about.

5)Middle Paragraph

The middle paragraph should ideally include what you want to direct or tell the recipient and what kind of assistance or help you expect from him/ her.

Always keep it short and use correct grammar especially punctuation Marks and tense to avoid confusion.

6)Final paragraph

you should thank the recipient in the final paragraph mentioning the proper reason for it.

7)E-mail signature

The E-mail signature includes the important details of the sender of the mail such as

Sender’s first name and last name, email address, and phone number for the contact.

In this way, we have 7 important basic parts of the email.

Now we will see a sample email as per above-given format and 7 basic parts.

Sample email about the request for scheduling an interview.

From the above example and guidelines, you will clearly understand the way of writing emails correctly.

Conclusion for email writing

We can conclude that an email has 7 basic parts recipient’s address, subject, salutation, first paragraph, middle paragraph, final paragraph, and email signature.

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