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Appeal writing in English with format and specimen topics

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Appeal writing in English with format and specimen topics


On many occasions, we appeal to people for the things to be done for the betterment of society. There is a certain format for it and we will know it here.

For writing an appeal or any type of write-up, one must master active voice tenses and passive voice with the correct use of articles and prepositions.

what is appeal

Basically, an Appeal means To make a serious or earnest request.

we make appeals to people in general or to a specific group for certain reasons like eye donation, blood donation, saving the environment, following traffic rules, participating in a Rally or visiting and donating for a cause and event.

It is to grab people’s attention and to attract them towards the cause with the help of persuasive words, slogans and by arousing emotions

let’s see the format of the appeal

Format of the appeal as per the HSC board exam

Given below is the format of the appeal-


Give a proper title to your appeal as per the subject of your appeal and purpose

2)Use an attractive slogan

Below the title give an attractive slogan to catch the attention of the masses.

3) Make a persuasive appeal-

Now you should pour your all persuasive power into this part of the appeal.

4)Tell about the need of cause-

Tell people in convincing words why there is a need for something about which you are appealing.

5)Give contact details

The most important part of your appeal is to give proper contact details for the willing participants and contributors.

6)Add some of your own ideas-

You can also add some specific regional, cultural or social details as per the need.

7)End with the catchy slogan

It is said that all is good that ends well. Make a proper ending to your appeal by adding a catchy slogan or any persuasive line in the form of a call for action.

This is the standard format of Appeal.

Now, we will see how to prepare a specimen appeal for blood donation

Specimen topic 1) Appeal for blood donation-

Donate blood to save life

the great need for blood is everywhere

so many give up life without a timely blood supply

we can stop this completely.

Don’t be afraid and indifferent to blood donation

No side effects, weakness, and no contraction of diseases after blood donation

Every healthy person between 18 to 60 can do it.

We invite you for this noble cause.

don’t wait till it is too late for someone


Global blood bank

Orko city

mobile number— 1122334455

donate blood to form blood relation with humanity

2)specimen appeal topic number2) Appeal writing on eye donation

Prepare an appeal making people aware of the need of eye donation. Use the following points.

a)prepare an attractive slogan.

b)Make a persuasive appeal.

c)Tell about the need of eye donation.

d)Add your own points.

Specimen appeal for eye donation.

Appeal for eye donation



*Eye donation is the need of time.

*You can offer a vision to two people.

*Let them see the world through your eyes.

*Give the present of the greatest importance of vision.

Won’t you do this noble act?

Contact for filling eye donation form—-

Global eye bank

orko city

Contact number-1234567890


This is the sample appeal for eye donation. It is very helpful for students and social welfare organizations.

3)specimen appeal topic number 3)Prepare an appeal on the topic Say No To Drugs

Use the following points.

1)Overall harmful

2)Physical disorders


4)Human actions though the facts are known

5)Appeal to teenagers.

Add your own points also.

Specimen appeal for Say No To Drugs.

Appeal for say no to drugs


Overall drugs are harmful to physical, mental, and social health.

Drugs cause disorders like addiction, diseases, mental illnesses and many more

Using a single syringe for many causes HIV and other deadly diseases.

Many humans are addicted knowing the deadly effects of drugs

Stop taking drugs

Keep away teenagers from this poison.

Be aware and stop this devil of drugs

Teenagers say no to drugs and say yes to safe and enjoying life

Don’t prepare and sell drugs that destroy lives.

Contact for help and deaddiction

Orko Rehabilitation Center

Orko City

Contact No. 1122334455 (24 by 7 available)

Stop the devil of drugs-Give hopes of bright lives-stop drugs

This is the sample appeal for Say No To Drugs. It is very helpful for the students, teenagers and social welfare organizations.

4)specimen appeal topic number 4) Appeal writing on stop child labor

Prepare an appeal on the topic stop child labor. Use the following points.

1)Basic Education

2)Lack of knowledge, behaviors, and social thinking

3) Effect of education

4)Social behavior and requirements

5) Appeal to society

Add your own pints also.

Specimen appeal for the topic Stop Child Labor.

Child labor- A curse to humanity-Stop it forever-with our unity

Children from 0 to 14 must take education.

Then why are they working?

Are brick, zari, fireworks factories, and hotels made for their exploitation?

No, Their birthright is education.

There lacks a thing like knowledge, behaviors, and social thinking

Only laws can’t stop this Evil.

Parents should not force their children to become child labors

Society must keep watch and report it.

All learned and kind people-Think, act and stop child labor completely.

Give our children a bright future.

For Assistance-

Contact- Orko city child care wing

Orko city

mob. no. 1122334455

Stop Child Labor-Save world’s dark future

Give Children Education-To Make Happy Every Nation.

This is an appeal to stop child labor.

5] sample appeal writing topic no.5 save environment

Prepare an appeal about save the environment for public awareness.

 use the following points.

1]Use an attractive slogan

2] make a persuasive appeal

3] inform about programs undertaken

4] appeal for contribution

5] make people aware about the importance to save the environment

Add your own ideas.


Appeal writing- save our environment

save environment to keep on going posterity

 save trees- save the earth -save the life

Our environment is our only Life support

 Cutting trees, and using plastic, and pollution kills it.

 balance of the ecosystem is badly affected.

 so many species are extinct and many more onto the way.

 interference in the environment has resulted in global warming.

Pandemics, season changes, rising sea levels……….

Who is responsible? nobody expects human beings.

 can we stop this?

 Yes, save and plant trees.

 ban plastic, and stop pollution.

 preserve wildlife, adopt sustainable development

make everybody aware of the environment.

 we are doing our part what about you?

 join us at

World environment society

 Your smallest contribution is welcome,

 send it to


 Orko city

post box no. 50

 don’t disturb the environment to avoid total extinction, be eco-friendly.

6] Sample appeal writing topic no.6 Prepare an appeal about join yoga and laughter club.

 use the following points

1]Use an attractive slogan

2] make a persuasive appeal

3] inform about programs undertaken

4] appeal for contribution

5] make people aware of the importance of yoga and the laughter club

Add your own ideas.


Appeal writing -join yoga and laughter club

 Yoga and Laughter club are our health, wealth and strength

 Yoga- the master key to good health.

 join the yoga and laughter club today!!!

Modern life is fast and stressful.

 loss of health is the loss of everything.

 We lose health to earn money and spend money to earn health.

 Is it right for the most intelligent creature?

 As human beings, we need movement and activities,

 what is the solution for physical and mental health?

 the only solution is Yoga and laughter club,

 yoga keeps your body and mind fit.

 No more diseases with strong immunity,

 increased efficiency, happiness, and enjoyment!!!

 what are you waiting for?

 call or give a missed call or visit personally to

 yoga and laughter club

 orko city

Post Box number 57

Mobile no. 9999999999

 good health- a better life -best in every moment.

 join Yoga and laughter club- get the best gift of good health!!!

7]Sample appeal writing topic no.7 Prepare an appeal to join tree plantation drive

 use the following points

1]Use an attractive slogan

2] make a persuasive appeal

3] inform about programs undertaken

4] appeal for contribution

5] make people aware of the importance

Add your own ideas.


 Appeal writing – tree- plantation drive

 save trees- save earth save life

 Trees are the lungs of the earth- grow and protect our breath.

 Trees are being cut down……

 urbanization is the reason

 what is its outcome?

 Increased pollution levels,

 soil erosion,

 extinction of species and environmental imbalance

 it is our greed to consume natural resources,

 so-called intelligent creatures doing the worst mistake!!!

 can we stop this?

  yes, we can,

 stop cutting trees,

 plant and protect trees,

 make people aware of the importance of trees

 use eco-friendly alternatives for wood products,

let the earth breathe easily,

 We are doing our part,

  Tree plantation drive

will you join us?


 Save trees foundation

 Orko city

 Post Box number 33

Mobile no. 9999999999

plant trees -plant life- protect trees protect life

grow trees -save lives

Conclusion for appeal writing in English

Here we have the format and specimen topic of Appeal writing in the English language.

We can conclude that we can prepare an appeal by using the above-given sample format and points like an attractive slogan, persuasive appeal, need of the cause, another slogan, and by adding some of your own points. You should draw a border and any relevant sketch.

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With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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