Appeal writing in English with format and specimen topics

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On many occasions, we appeal people for the things to be done for the betterment of the society. There is a certain format for it and we will know it here.

For writing an appeal or any type of write-up, one must master active voice tenses and passive voice with the correct use of articles and prepositions.

what is appeal

Basically Appeal means To make a serious or earnest request.

we make appeal to people in general or to a specific group for certain reasons like eye donation, blood donation, saving environment, following traffic rules, to participate in a Rally or to visit and donate for cause and event.

It is to grab people’s attention and to attract them towards the cause with the help of persuasive words, slogans and by arousing emotions

let’s see the format of the appeal

Format of the appeal

Given below is the format of the appeal-


Give proper title to your appeal as per the subject of your appeal and purpose

2)Use attractive slogan

Below the title give attractive slogan to catch the attention of the masses.

3) Make a persuasive appeal-

Now you should pour your all the persuasive power in this part of the appeal.

4)Tell about the need of cause-

Tell people in convincing words why there is the need of something about which you are appealing.

5)Give contact details

Most important part of your appeal is to give proper contact details for the willing participants and contributors.

6)Add some of your own ideas-

You can also add some specific regional, cultural or social details as per the need.

7)End with catchy slogan

It is said that all is good that ends good. Make proper ending of your appeal by adding catchy slogan or any persuasive line in the form of call for the action.

This is the standard format of Appeal.

Now, we will see how to prepare a specimen appeal for blood donation

Specimen topic 1) Appeal for blood donation-

Donate blood to save life

great need of blood is everywhere

so many give up life without timely blood supply

we can stop this completely.

Don’t be afraid and indifferent to blood donation

No side effects, weakness and no contraction of diseases after blood donation

Every healthy person between 18 to 60 can do it.

We invite you for this noble cause.

don’t wait till it is too late for someone


Global blood bank

Orko city

mobile number— 1122334455

donate blood to form blood relation with humanity

2)specimen appeal topic number2) Appeal writing on eye donation

Prepare an appeal making people aware about the need of eye donation. Use the following points.

a)prepare an attractive slogan.

b)Make persuasive appeal.

c)Tell about the need of eye donation.

d)Add your own points.

Specimen appeal for eye donation.

Appeal for eye donation



*Eye donation is the need of time.

*You can offer vision to two people.

*Let them see the world through your eyes.

*Give the present of the greatest importance of vision.

Won’t you do this noble act?

Contact for filling eye donation form—-

Global eye bank

orko city

Contact number-1234567890


This is the sample appeal for eye donation. It is very helpful for the students and social welfare organizations.

Conclusion for appeal writing in English

Here we have the format and specimen topic of Appeal writing in English language.

We can conclude that we can prepare appeal by using the above given sample format and points like attractive slogan, persuasive appeal, need of the cause, another slogan and by adding some of your own points.

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