News Report writing in English

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News Report writing in English


We need to write the news of any event or function or incident. It is a very important skill. It helps us make the whole world aware of that particular event.

We will learn all the details of news writing here.

what is news

News is new information about the recent event. The world is a quiet happening place and every day there are a lot of things taking place. News report allows us to make the whole world aware of it.

Format of the news

The news format can be given as follows.



3)Lead or introduction

4)Main body of the news


This is the format of the news

How to write news using the format


It is always catchy and introduces the subject of the news. Mostly it is in the simple present tense.


It covers day, date, place, news agency, or reporter in short.

3)Lead or introduction

The lead or introduction is in 2 or 3 lines. It should answer the questions like what, where, when, how, and who questions.

4)Main body

it covers all the less important details mostly in the simple past tense


It gives an overall impression of the news.

We will write sample news using the above-mentioned format.

How to write news using the given headline

Headline —Heavy rain disturbs normal life in Mumbai.


Heavy rain disturbs normal life in Mumbai

Mumbai-26 June(PTI)- heavy rain going on for the last 3 days has disturbed normal life here yesterday taking 3 lives, and leaving 15 injured.

It started raining 3 days ago. Slowly water started accumulating in the lower areas.50 thousand people were affected by the flood situation in the city. Two old buildings collapsed and took 3 lives and injured 15 people.

Government and NGOs have started relief and rescue operations. People were shifted to safer places. They were given food, drinking water, medicines, and clothes.

All the traffic of vehicles, trains, and even planes has come to halt. It has become difficult for people to get daily necessary supplies. They are fed up with the rain and praying to God to stop it as early as possible.

Conclusion for news writing

We can conclude that news is written in the format of a headline, dateline, lead, main body, and closure.

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