Report writing in English


we need to write the reports of various occasions, functions or even meetings.

There are certain necessary skills and techniques for the report writing and we are going to learn them here.

what is the report?

Report is to give oral or written account or information of some particular incident or event.

We celebrate various programs like Independence Day, sports Day, Annual day, science exhibition and held meetings for various purposes and whatever takes place in them is narrated in the report.

Format of the report

There are certain formats for different types of reports and we will see one common format for them.


Place and date


Main body


This is the general format for writing reports in the simple format.

Tense and language of the report

We are writing the report of certain past event and we should use simple past tense for all the sentences and only your comment or the sentences with present references should be given in the present.

Language should be simple and informative. Avoid repetitions and cover the schedule and sequence of the events.

Make proper beginning and ending.

Important points for the report writing


2)Day, date time, place

3)chief guest

4)Inauguration and felicitation

5)Welcome speech

6)Guest introduction

7)Cultural program

8)Chief guest’s speech

9)Other speeches

10)Vote of thanks

You can add or remove some of the unnecessary points.

Sample report of Annual school Day

Write a report of the annual day of your school


Annual School Day

Orko city-14th February—City school celebrated its annual day on 13th February with great zeal and zest. The function took place in school auditorium between 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Well known scientist Dr. Martin was the chief guest of this grand function. School students and parents reached the hall well before time. Teh function started with lamp lighting.

Then the students sang welcome song. After that guests were felicitated. Our principal gave welcome address and read school annual report. Our vice principal introduced the chief guest.

Then there was the cultural program of dance and music by the students of various classes. Everybody appreciated the skills and presentation by the students.

After that there was a very inspiring speech by the chief guest who talked about the need of creativity for the students. Then our vice principal proposed a vote of thanks.

The program ended with Prayer for the world peace.

Really it is a memorable function in the history of city school.


This is the basic idea of the report which includes various points mentioned above.

with love+ respect from team

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