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What are determiners in English grammar?

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What are determiners in English grammar


We will learn about determiners in English grammar here

What are determiners in English grammar

Determiners are the words that limit the meaning of nouns in some way.

Examples- a pen, an orange, this pen, that house, these trees, those books, some water, many rooms, their money, his car, her bike.

In the above examples, determiners are as follows.

A, an, this, that, these, those, some, many, their, his, her.

Types of determiners with examples

There are four types of determiners in English grammar. They are as follows.


2) Demonstrative determiners

3)Possessive determiners

4)The articles

We will see their examples in detail


They denote quantity.

Examples of quantifiers.

1)Some- It is used with plural nouns or uncountable nouns but it is not used with singular nouns.

Examples- a) Some trees are green yet.

b)Some food was left in the tiffin.

2)Any- It is used with uncountable or plural nouns in a negative sense.

Examples-1)We don’t have any books.

2)She doesn’t have any experience.

3)Many- It is used with plural countable nouns only.

Examples- a)There are many houses.

b)I don’t have many friends.

4)Much- It is used with uncountable nouns only.

Examples- 1)There is much knowledge in our books.

2)I can drink much milk.

5)few- It is generally used with plural nouns to mean not many almost negative in meaning.

Examples- 1)Few students failed in Exam

2)Few books were torn.

6)A Few- It is used with plural nouns to tell some not many or much.

Examples- 1)Few students practice daily.

2)Few cars are highly expensive.

7)Each or Every-Each or every is used to indicate one thing in a group.

Examples – 1) Each book is important for us.

2)Every student must study hard.

B)Demonstrative determiners-

They demonstrate things.

Examples- this, that, these, those.

1)This window is open.

2)That door is closed.

3)These windows are open.

4)Those doors are closed.

Note- This is used to demonstrate nearby things and this is its plural form. That is used to show far away things and those is its plural form.

C) Possessive Determiners-

They are used to show possession.

Examples-my, our, your, his, her, their .

1)I like my school.

2)WE perform our duty.

D)The articles as determiners-

Articles a, an, the work as determiners.

Example- 1)A book is more important than an imagined thing in the world.

These are the types and examples of determiners.


In this way, we have determiners and their subtypes with examples. Determiners limit the meaning of nouns. There are 4 types of determiners such as quantifiers, demonstrative determiners, possessive determiners, and articles as determiners.

Hope this helps you.

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