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Syllabus for spoken English

Shree Ganeshay Namah

Syllabus for spoken English


Spoken is one of the most important skills for education and career in this modern and competitive world.

Learning spoken English is a bit difficult for learners whose mother tongue is not English.

Most importantly they don’t have proper guidance and the knowledge of the correct syllabus for spoken English.

I am going to share my top-secret method that I have developed through 16 years of spoken English training experience and research.

Let’s get started.

Syllabus for spoken English

English is a language and one of the most important language skills is speaking.

Now we will see the syllabus for spoken English.

Basically, there are three parts of this syllabus. They are as follows.

1)Basic grammar knowledge

2)Essential English Vocabulary (around 2000 words)

3)Speaking practice

If you learn these three things together, then you will be a fluent English speaker.

Now we will see these three parts in detail.

1)Basic grammar topics for spoken English

Here I will give you the list of basic grammar topics for spoken English.

a) Parts of the speech

b) Types of the sentences

c)12 active voice tenses.

d)8 passive voice tenses.

e) Use of articles.

f) Use of prepositions.

g) Modal auxiliaries.

h) Clauses.

i)Direct and indirect speech.

j) Some special constructions like feel like going to, had better, used to, as if, be, get, prefer to.

2) Essential English Vocabulary (around 2000 words)

You need to learn essential English vocabulary of around 2000 words that are necessary for day-to-day use.

They include three forms of verbs, important nouns, some useful adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and conjunctions.

It is a proven fact that learning around 2000 words of any language including English is necessary for using it effectively in our daily communication.

3) Speaking practice

The most important part of our spoken English syllabus is speaking practice.

The big question is how to do the speaking practice.

Here is an easy solution.

First, you should start speaking without any hesitation from the beginning.

Another important thing is public speaking. You can choose simple topics as follows.

1) Self-introduction.

2) Daily routine.

3)My family.

4)My village/city.

5)My school.

6)My hobby.

7)My favorites

In the later stage, you can choose medium and advanced-level topics that you can search easily on Google.

The next thing is group discussion. You should make a group and take any topic for discussion. It will help you a lot to improve your spoken English ability.

Also, you can try storytelling, loud reading, mock interviews, listening to English news, and speeches, and watching English movies with subtitles.

These are the 3 parts of our spoken English syllabus. They must be learned collectively. Daily you should learn small grammar topics, 35 essential words, and one module of speaking practice in any professional institute or learning at home. The duration of the spoken English course should be 2 months, one hour daily.

Conclusion for Syllabus for spoken English

From the above discussion, we can conclude that there are three important parts of the spoken English syllabus. They are basic grammar, essential vocabulary, and speaking practice. If you do all these things together, you will become a fluent English speaker.

I am sure you will find this helpful. Do tell us through your comments.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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