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How to start a speech of guest introduction

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How to start a speech of guest introduction


In every function, there is a chief guest and the important task from the organizer’s point of view is to give a proper introduction of the chief guest.

Here we will see how to start and give a speech of guest introduction.

How to start a speech of guest introduction

You should start your speech properly and give the necessary details only. First, greet your audience with enthusiasm, and don’t be boring.

You should compliment the speaker and give some idea to the audience about the specialty of the speaker at the beginning of your introduction speech.

Tell what is in the guest’s speech to the audience.

Ideally, you should begin your speech of guest introduction as follows.

“Respected chief guest and all the dignitaries present on the stage and in the audience, Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all. Today we have a lifetime opportunity to listen to Mr. ……… about……….subject.

I feel honored to introduce our chief guest Mr. ……….”

Like this, you can start your speech of a guest introduction.

How to introduce a guest speaker.

Now we will see all the details of the introduction of the guest speaker.

Let me explain all the details of it through the following points.

1)Beginning of the speech of introduction.

Ideally one should begin the speech as mentioned above in the point- How to start a speech of guest introduction. Be enthusiastic, compliment the speaker, tell the audience about what they are going to listen to today, and make the formal beginning of your introduction speech.

2)proper pronunciation of the speaker’s name.

Before giving your speech o guest introduction, make sure you pronounce the name of the chief guest properly. If there is a mistake in it, there might be an awkward situation for all. So before giving your speech, know the proper pronunciation of the chief guest.

3)Make proper notes of your speech.

Before giving your actual speech, you should prepare your own notes of the speech using various resources. That will help you to give an effective guest introduction and help to avoid mistakes.

4)Tell about the importance of the topic

In the guest introduction, add in the beginning the importance of the topic.

5)Prepare a speech using the speaker’s bio and special achievements

You should prepare your speech using the speaker’s bio-data and personal achievements in life. For that use reliable resources preferably directly received from the speaker.

6)convey a welcome feeling for the speaker through your speech.

You should use such words and language that will give your speaker a feeling of welcome. Don’t make any such sentence that will make the speaker feel awkward.

7)Don’t exaggerate.

Exaggerating is tempting for the person giving a guest introduction but make sure you never exaggerate. It will be an annoying feeling for the speaker and audience also.

8) Don’t get distracted from the main topic.

While giving a guest introduction, don’t get distracted and start speaking about yourself or any other irrelevant topics. It is the waste of time and of no use.

9)Your tone should be proper.

Make sure you use the proper tone in your speech. Raise your voice only when needed and don’t change your tone of speaking unnecessarily.

10)Make sufficient revisions to your speech.

If you want to make your speech of introduction, revision for many times is necessary. Rehearse your topic for many times so that you should not stammer or fumble.

11)keep the introduction speech short.

It is very important to keep your speech short. Always remember that audience is there to listen to the speaker not you or your lengthy introductory speech. So be brief and short.

12) don’t use jokes or funny language or gestures.

It is highly recommended that you should not use jokes or funny language or gestures. It will create a bad impression about the organizers. Avoid using sentences like “Our guest doesn’t need an introduction.”

13) unite the audience for proper focus.

The prime job of the person giving a guest introduction is to unite the audience for proper focus on the speaker’s topic so that it will be easy for the speaker to connect with the audience easily and convey thoughts properly.

14) Give a clear idea of the speaker and the topic for speaking.

It is very important to give a clear idea about the speaker and the topic for the speech. So that audience will be prepared to listen to the speaker eagerly.

15)Announce the speaker and ask the audience to applaud.

Finally, at the end of your short introduction, announce the speaker to come ahead for the speech and request your audience to welcome the speaker with applause.

16) Mention the speaker in the third person

make sure you mention the speaker in third person pronouns or nouns. Occasionally you can use the second person to mention some of the great achievements of the speaker.

These are the very important points for giving a guest introduction speech.

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From the above discussion, we can conclude that your guest introduction should be short and follow all the details mentioned above.

What is your idea of an ideal guest introduction speech?

Let me know through your comments.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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