How to write and give a vote of thanks speech

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How to write a vote of thanks speech


Every program ends with the vote of thanks which is full of gratitude for all those who have contributed for the success of that particular program.

Here we will see how to write a vote of thanks.

Learn here about the format of the speech.

How to write and give a vote of thanks

Now we will see how to give a vote of thanks using the following points or the guidelines.

1)) Format of the vote of thanks.

Generally, the format of any kind of speech is as follows.


2)Main body

3)Conclusion or Ending

A vote of thanks also comes in the same format but remember to be grateful right from the beginning to the end of your speech.

2)Formal beginning

Make the formal beginning of your vote of thanks speech. You can follow a standard format of the beginning of the speech. You can begin as follows.

“Respected chief guest, honorable guest of honor, all the dignitaries on the stage, and ladies and gentlemen present here, good morning/afternoon/evening. I am Sam from…….. organization. I am a member of the body. I feel honored to propose this vote of thanks on the behalf of ……. Organization and on my own behalf.”

This should be the ideal beginning of your vote of thanks.

3)List the people to be thanked.

Before going to propose the vote of thanks list the people to be thanked. So that you don’t miss out on anyone.

4)Refer to the central message by the speakers.

During any kind of program, there are various speakers and you should note down their central message and include it in your speech.

5)Thank the chief guest, guest of honor and the organization.

Your vote of thanks must include gratefulness for the chief guest, guest of honor if any, and the organization that took initiative in arranging that particular program.

6) Don’t exaggerate

The most important thing that the speaker who is proposing a vote of thanks should remember is no exaggeration. Give all the details in simple and grateful language.

7)Mention some of the remarkable incidents during the program

Don’t forget to mention one or two remarkable incidents that happened during the program but remember not to give a complete summary of the program that might bore the audience.

8)Talk about your organization in short

You should take this opportunity to talk about your organization but make sure you give important details in short and thank your organization for arranging this function.

9)Don’t thank any individual at the end

You should avoid thanking any person in the end. Instead, you should thank all the known and unknown people who contributed to the success of this program.

10) Thank all the supporting system and service providers

In the ending part of your vote of thanks, you should thank all the supporting systems and service providers like light, sound system, chair providers, and caterers.

11)Use polite but different sentences for expressing thanks

You should begin thanking from chief guest and thank each and every individual related to this function.

You should use the sentences of the following types

  1. We are grateful to our chief guest and guest of honor for sparing their valuable time for us and gracing this function.
  2. A big thank you to Mr …….. for providing so much value to our audience.
  3. I must mention our deep sense of appreciation for…….
  4. We are grateful to ………….
  5. I would like to express our deep sense of gratitude to ……
  6. We would like to express our gratitude for ….. . We are all inspired by your words.
  7. We would like to thank all the known and unknown hands that contributed for the success of this program.

12) Conclusion or ending of your vote of thanks

Make sure to end your vote of thanks speech on a positive note by thanking all once again. You may end your vote of thanks like this.

“ Once again I would like to thank each one of you. I am grateful for giving me this opportunity. With sincere feelings of gratitude, I would like to take your leave.”

These are 12 important points you should consider before giving and preparing your vote of thanks. Don’t forget to follow the standard format of all kinds of speeches.

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This is how you can prepare and deliver your vote of thanks.

I hope you will like this.

Convey your thoughts about an ideal vote of thanks through your comments.

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