Sample speech about Indian seasons

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Sample speech about Indian seasons


Seasons are an individual part of all the living things on this earth and human beings are no exceptions to it. We will see how to prepare a speech about Indian seasons with highly useful points for every understanding and presentation.

Points for the speech about Indian seasons.

we have prepared these useful points for your best and perfect speech.

  1. Beginning
  2. What is a season
  3. Three seasons
  4. Duration of each season
  5. Features of each season
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of each season
  7. My favourite season
  8. Conclusion
  9. Ending

Sample Speech about Indian seasons-

Respected principal, teachers and my friends good morning, my name is Sam, I would like to express my thoughts about Indian seasons.

First I would like to tell what does a season means a season is partition of the year on the basis of changes in weather, climate, ecology, daylight, temperature in static geographical region. Each region has different weather and seasons based on it.

Now we will know about 3 main seasons in India. They are winter, summer and rainy seasons or monsoon. Each season has almost same duration with varied intensity and different features and they have some advantages and disadvantages too.

Roughly speaking winter lasts from October to January with its highest intensity in November and December. Summer starts in February and lasts up to May or the arrival of rains in first or second week of June.

After hot summer, rainy season starts in June and lasts up to September and sometimes October. There is no specific distinguishing line between two seasons as each season approaches slowly, reaches its highest intensity and slowly fades away.

All 3 Indian seasons have different features. Basically winter is cold, summer is hot and rainy season is full of rains making people experience cold while raining and hot while not raining.

Cold winter refreshes minds and make people enthusiastic. It is a harvest season and there are so many important festivals like Diwali in it. It is ideal season for travelling. But cold winter causes illness like cough, fever, cold and people have to wear sweaters and jackets to protect from freezing cold. People enjoy hot beverages like tea and coffee to fight with cold and in villages bonfires are ready to remove cold.

Rainy season is full of rains and there is water everywhere is completely dependent of rains and it is the only season to store water in dams, lakes, and underground for the whole seeds of the arrival of monsoon rains and produce grain and food for the whole year.

But excessive rains cause diseases and floods in some lower regions people have to use umbrellas raincoats and cups to protect themselves from the rain. But children and adults like rain. Children play in the puddles and sail paper boats in them. Rainy season is the most important season for life.

After winter, there is hot summer which is hottest in the months of April and May. Schools and colleges have holidays and people sweat excessively because of high temperatures reaching up to 48 degree celcius. People use caps, sun coats and cotton clothes for diseases prove fatal and people suffer a lot. But children are happy as they have holidays and they enjoy ice cream, juices and fruits like watermelon and mangoes.

Overall all three seasons have varied features and advantages but every season is winter it is the most enthusiastic and energetic season. Thank you very much for listening to me.


This is our sample speech about Indian seasons. I hope you will like it. With love+ respect from team

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