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Speech format in English

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Speech format in English


Speech delivery is a skill that can be mastered through practice and writing a speech is more important than it.

Here we will study how to write a perfect speech for various occasions using this format which is commonly used everywhere.

Speech format in English

First I would like to tell you what is speech and what are its types.

Speech is whatever the speaker speaks in front of the audience and there are total 15 types of speech.

Now let’s move toward the format of the speech.

There are three important parts of the speech format with some other points.


It is said that the first impression is the last impression. So the introduction of your speech is the most important part.

So start your speech properly. In a formal way, you can start your speech as follows.

How to start a speech in English

“Respected chief guest, honorable guest of honor, and all the dignitaries present on the stage and in the audience, good morning/afternoon/evening to you all. I am Sam. I would like to express my thoughts about ……..topic.”

This should be an ideal beginning of your speech in the introductory part.

Then you can give a short introduction about what you are going to speak about your chosen topic in short.

2)Main body

The main body is the soul of your speech. whatever the beginning or ending of the speech may be, your speech’s main body will create a lasting impression of your speech.

The main body of the speech includes 3 to 4 paragraphs including a detailed explanation of your speech topic. You should use all your language skills, gestures and body language to enhance the effect of your speech.

Add all the important details of your subject and try to convince the audience how your points are right.

3)Conclusion (Ending)

The conclusion or ending of your speech is also a very important part of your speech as it gives the long-lasting impression of your speech in the minds of your audience.

Here you are supposed to summarise all the important points mentioned in your speech. You should express your gratitude for giving you an opportunity to express your thoughts.

Your ideal conclusion or ending of the speech should be as follows.

How to end your speech in English

“Here I have explained my thoughts about……… subject. I am sure you will appreciate them. Thank you very much for listening to my thoughts intently.”

Throughout the speech, you should be polite and follow all the manners of the speaker. In the conclusion, your language should be polite and grateful.

Some other points of the format of speech in English

Some other points of the format of speech in English are as follows.

4) Use the topic sentence to begin every para.

5)Use correct and good English.

6)Add your own opinion.

7)Use pauses.

8)Use gestures and proper body language.

9)Keep the focus on the topic of your speech.

10)Use language devices like figures of speech

11)Present contrast.

12)Use appealing language full of emotions.

13)use personal experiences and anecdotes.

14) Engage your audience with the first-person address.

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Conclusion for the format of the speech in English

Here we come to the concluding part of this article. We have discussed that there are three important parts of the format of the speech. They are 1)Introduction 2)Main body.3) conclusion or ending.

I hope you will like this.

What do you think about the format of the speech?

Let me know through your comments.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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