What is note making in English grammar

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What is note-making in English grammar


Note making and note taking are very important skills for students and professionals.

Here we will see what is note-making in English grammar.

What is note-making in English grammar

Note making is a focused and active writing skill including the concrete connection between all related concepts and words is drawn to connect all thoughts together by using points, tables, tree diagram, mind map.

Styles of note-making

Tables, charts, bar charts, pie charts, flow charts, line graphs, tree diagrams, pictograms, mind maps, plans.

What is note-taking

In comparison with note-making, note-taking is a passive process which is undertaken during lectures or speeches or reading books or any other reference material.

It is mostly in paragraph form.

What are the similarities between note-making and note-taking

1)Both provide material for easy reference, preparation and study for exam or other purposes.

2)Both help students to remember facts easily.

3)Both help us to concentrate better and effectively.

Benefits of note-making

1)It helps to see each point clearly along with its link with each other.

2)Changing the notes made is easier in it.

3) Note-making helps for more understanding as it is in short form.

4)It helps the students n capturing the main key of the topic.

5)Note making is hand made or computer typed form.

Format of note-making

1.Main heading


3.supporting details in the form of points

4)related keywords.

This is the basic format of note-making.

Things to avoid while note-making

1)Don’t add your own points

2)Be specific and particular.

3)Don’t omit important points.

4)Avoid creating illogical connections.

Now we will see some specimen topics for note-making

Specimen topics for note-making

Given below is a paragraph about literature. Prepare a tree diagram including main and sub-points.

The word literature is really hard to define. Many interpretations are made. Some say that literature is the mirror of life. Some others Say that it is the criticism of life. We can say that literature reflects life.

The branches of literature are poetry, drama, novel and short stories. Poetry is of two types imaginative and realistic. Drama is either a comedy or a tragedy, Novel is also of many kinds historical, psychological, realistic, scientific and regional. Short story stands very close to life but it has very little scope.

Now we will prepare a tree diagram about literature. 

This is the tree diagram about literature which is an example of note-making.


I hope you have understood how to do note-making from rough notes taken.

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