What are the types of the verb in English?

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What are the types of verb


Verbs play a very important role in English grammar, especially in sentence making. For that, we must know what Is verb and what are its types.

Here we are going to see the 4 types of verbs in detail with examples.

What are the types of verb

First, we will see what is verb.

The verb is the word that shows action or the state of being of people, places and things.

There are 4 types of verbs. They are as follows.

1)Transitive verbs

2)Intransitive verbs

3)finite verbs

4)Non- finite verbs

Now we will see these 4 types in detail.

1)Transitive verbs

The verbs which can express their meanings with objects are called as transitive verbs.

Examples- sing, ask, read, play.

2)Intransitive verbs

The verbs which can express their meanings without objects are called as intransitive verbs.

Examples- laugh, swim, die, smile.

3)finite verbs

The verbs that change their forms according to the number, person of the subject and the tense are called as finite verbs.


1)She sings a song.

2)I sing a song.

3) She was singing a song.

4)Non- finite verbs

The verbs that do not change according to the number, person or tense are called as non-finite verbs.

There are three types of non-finite verbs. They are as follows.




Let’s see these three forms in detail.


A non-finite verb formed by adding to to the base form of the verb is called as infinitive.


To go

To play

To sing

To take

a)He likes to read books.

b)She tried to send messages.


A gerund is formed by adding ing to the base form of the verb.

Gerund and present participle have the same spellings but different functions.






Gerund works as the subject of the verb or the object of the verb.


1)Reading helps you a lot.

Here gerund reading is the subject of the verb helps.

2)We enjoy singing.

Here singing works as an object of the verb enjoy.


The participle is also a type of non-finite verb. It has two subtypes. They are present participle and past participle.

present participle

Examples- 1) It was an interesting story.

2)We visited a happening place.

past participle

1)Solved examples are there in this book.

2)Informed police reached there.

Note – participle is used as an adjective and Gerund is used as subject and object.

Conclusion for types of verbs

We can conclude that there are 4 types of verbs. They are transitive, intransitive, finite, non-finite.

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