Use of Make in English grammar

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Use of Make in English grammar


Make is a special structure used to show that one is forced to do something. In this article, we will learn all the details of the use of Make in English grammar and how we can use it in our daily English speaking and writing.

Use of Make in English grammar

Using make in your sentences will let you express with ease when you are doing something under pressure or external compulsion. Yes, Make is specially used to show that you are doing something against your will and you are forced by someone to do that particular thing.

Note- Don’t use to with v1 that comes after Make in sentences.

Here is a simple formula for using Make in your sentences correctly.

Subject+ make+ Objective case(Me, us, you, them, him, her, it)/ noun + v1+……


Subject+ helping verbs+ make+ objective case/ noun + v1+ ……

Now we will see some examples that will clear your doubts about the use of Make in your English speaking and writing.

Examples of using Make in sentences

1)I make you speak English.

2)Mother makes her children study daily.

3)Mother has made children study.

4)They are making him accept this job.

5)His friends made him stay awake.

6)I will make you come on the stage.

7)She had made them apologize.

8)People have made government change decisions.

9)Nature has made us think about the environment.

10)Parents have made him take admission to this college.

These are some of the examples of the use of Make in our sentences.

Conclusion for the use of Make

We have learned that Make is a special construction used to force someone to do something against will.

I hope you will like to use this structure of Make in your speaking and writing.

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