Sample vote of thanks for Independence Day celebration

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Sample vote of thanks for Independence Day celebration


For every program, the concluding part is a vote of thanks. Here we have given a sample vote of thanks for the independence day celebration.

you can prepare an anchoring script for independence day

Sample vote of thanks for independence day celebration

Honorable chief guest, respected principal, teachers, and my Dear students, Good morning and Happy Independence Day to you all. I am Sam Robbins, A faculty member of our school.

I feel proud to propose this vote of thanks on the behalf of Orko City Highschool and on my own behalf, we are all grateful to all freedom fighters who sacrificed everything for the independence of our country.

We are highly grateful to our chief guest for giving his valuable time to us and sharing his thoughts with us. We are thankful to you.

Next, we would like to express our deep sense of thankfulness to our principal, teachers, and non-teaching staff for taking initiative in arranging this program.

Further, we would like to thank our students for presenting a sense of discipline punctuality, and enthusiasm during the celebration and your March Past was outstanding.

Then I would like to thank our valued parents for their presence and cooperation for our school in independence day celebration also we would like to thank our all service providers.

Once again I thank you one and all and take your leave with a grateful heart.


This is a sample vote of thanks for independence that you can use by making some changes as per your need.

You should use the format of the speech as an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

With love+ respect from team

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