Expansion of ideas in English

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Expansion of ideas in English


We will see here what is an expansion of the idea and its format with an explanation and sample topic for your understanding.

Expansion of ideas in English

Expansion of ideas is a very important writing skill in English. First, we will see what is an expansion of ideas.

What is the expansion of ideas?

Elaboration of an idea in paragraph form is the expansion of the idea.

We can explain the given idea in some paragraphs.

What is a paragraph?

A series of connected sentences developing a topic sentence is a paragraph.

Format of Expansion of ideas

We can divide the topic of the expansion of ideas into three parts as follows.


2)Introductory paragraph

3)Core content

4)Concluding paragraph

Now we will see these three points in detail


Write the title of your given topic in the middle of the line in bold letters.

2)How to write an introductory paragraph

The introductory para includes a topic sentence that is a subject or proposition or statement expressed in a sentence. It is always brief and gives the central theme of the topic.

You should understand symbolism and idea and meaning .focus on words and expression of thoughts for giving the hidden meaning of the given idea.

You should evaluate and interpret the given idea in your introductory paragraph.

3)How to write core content

The core content is the most important, creative, and demonstrative part of your expansion of ideas.

Find and understand the importance, and give examples and anecdotes, experiences, and personal examples.

Maintain unity and clarity of thoughts.

Maintain a logical link between two points and use discourse markers if needed.

Each point should support the central idea.

Maintain proper proportion of space as more important ideas-more space and less important ideas- less space.

Don’t use too many ideas.

4)How to write a concluding paragraph

End your topic with strong and relevant points.

You can use a similar meaning proverb in it such as Tit for tat- use ‘As you sow, so you reap.

This is the proper explanation of the format of the expansion of ideas.

Now we will see the sample topic for the expansion of ideas.

Sample topic for the expansion of ideas.

Expand the idea inherent in the following proverb.

Proverb- A bad workman blames his tools.

If any workman lacks skills for any particular job then he blames his tools and makes excuses of bad tools but actually, the workman is bad. He is not ready to accept the fact that he does not have certain skills or in spite of having skills he is not using them in the proper manner.

This proverb is applicable in all sectors of our life. A good and skilled person will find the right opportunities for him or even create some by using his skills. But a person without skills or fewer skills will never accept his shortcomings and always come up with excuses or blame other factors for his lack of skills. He will not accept his laziness or lack of ability to take the right decision. So he will always blame external factors instead of improving his skills.

Finally, we can say that it is not of much importance that you have the best tools or ideal situations but how you use them for producing the best result is more important than blaming others. For such people, we can say that ‘Bad dancer blames the floor’.

2)Expand the given proverb in 2 or 3 paragraphs “Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth”


“Cut your coat according to your cloth”

This is a very popular proverb in English and it means you should spend money within the limits of your earnings and try to keep away from borrowing. It is really a nice piece of advice to spend money carefully as most people spend money thoughtlessly and on their debts because of the habit of showing off or buying unnecessary things.

Just like we should cut coats as per the size of our cloth, we should be aware of our income and plan our cloth, we should be aware of our income and plan our expenses accordingly. If your cloth is short in size, you can stitch a big-sized coat. You have to satisfy with what fits in your size of the cloth.

It does not mean you should be satisfied with your current income. you should always try to increase your income by doing hard work and giving your ideas at the power of your thoughtful actions. This proverb also applies to companies, countries, and other institutions. If they spend more than their income by taking loans, they will find themselves in a serious financial crisis. So they should first increase their productivity and earnings and then increase expenses.

So the proverb tells us to be cautious in spending our money and always keep our expenses below our earnings and try to save money for the future. There is a similar proverb stretch your legs as per your beddings’’.

3]Expansion of the idea  “Honesty is the best policy”

Ans- “Honesty is the best policy”

Honesty is the best policy is a very popular proverb and it simply means one should be honest in his/her words, actions and thoughts and practice honesty as a principle of life. It will surely give you a very good life as compared to people who are dishonest.

If you are honest you will easily win the trust of others in the family, relations, society, and even in business. So the trust of people in you will help make progress in your life. It is true that there are some examples of dishonest and fraudulent people becoming successful but remember truth can never be defeated and one day the dishonest person is exposed and this very moment brings ruin to that person.

There are many examples of honest people in the world. They have practiced the honesty of life policy and always believed in the principle of honesty. So their names have become immortal such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many more. The person who is honest has nothing to hide and remember but a dishonest person falls into the trap of his own lies and he has to make more false statements to cover previous ultimately it results in disturbance and a lot of stress and trouble so the good thing is to speak the truth and forget.

So we can say that honesty is the best policy for everyone to make this world a beautiful place. Truth can be suppressed for some time but alternately truth is triumphant. So always believe and practice ‘ Honesty is the best policy.

These are sample expansions of ideas.

Traveling broadens your mind


We can say that the expansion of ideas is An elaboration of an idea in paragraph form.

There are four parts of the format of expansion of ideas. They are as follows.


2)Introductory paragraph

3)Core content

4)Concluding paragraph

We can study them properly from the above explanation and make our topic impressive without blaming any external factors as mentioned in the proverb ‘Bad workman blames his tools

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