How to write Anchoring Script in English

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How to write Anchoring Script in English


Anchoring any kind of function is always a challenging task but with the right anchoring script, it is always easy.

So here we will see how to write an anchoring script or compering script for any program.

What is anchoring and how to master the art of compering

Introducing the program and the participants and controlling all the schedules as per plan is anchoring.

A person who comperes or anchors the show is called an anchor or compere or emcee or announcer or microphone controller.

The role of an anchor is to give the audience an idea of the program ahead and keep them engaged and aware of the next program.

An anchor should exhibit spontaneity, originality, and genuineness.

An anchor should carry the program with ease, grace, elegance, and confidence.

Essential things for an anchor to remember

1)practice again and again

2)Prepare well

3)Prepare a script

4)Dress properly according to an event.

5)An anchor is not the star of the show

6)Keep control of your breath.

7)Address the audience with a smile, proper expressions, voice modulation, and keep eye contact with the audience.

8)Maintain the speed of your speaking as well as the function.

9)Control the program

10) If there is any mistake, apologize without any hesitation.

Qualities of an anchor

1)Language fluency.

2)clarity of thoughts


4)sense of humor

5)Right body language

6)Presence of mind

7)Deep knowledge

8)basic understanding of the nature and tone of the event.

9)A simple and dignified style.

10) Ability to deal with the technicians, event organizers, and guest speakers.

Format of anchoring script

Roughly we can divide the compering script into the following parts.



3)About the event

4)Closing address

5)Vote of thanks.

Now we will see how you can develop each point in your anchoring script.


You should introduce the program by formal beginning with the mention of the chief guest and other dignitaries and the audience. Welcome all and tell about the program in short.

You can introduce it like this

“Respected chief guest, honorable guest of honor, and all the dignitaries present here, good evening and I would like to welcome you all for ………….function.”


After a brief introduction, there is always the inauguration of the program by lighting the lamp and honor of the gusts, welcome song, etc.

3)About the event

After the inauguration, the main event begins, call the speakers politely for the speech and take response from the audience in the form of applause and announce various program contents as per the schedule.

4)Closing address

The closing address should mention the summary of the program and a formal announcement of the closure of the program after a vote of thanks.

5)Vote of thanks.

The program ends with a vote of thanks and an anchor or other speaker from the organizers will give it.

This is a simple format of anchoring script for any function.

Sample anchoring script from the given program schedule for the prize distribution ceremony.

Program schedule for prize distribution ceremony


2)welcome speech

3)lighting the lamp

4)welcome song

5)main events

6)Vote of thanks

Sample anchoring script for a prize distribution ceremony of school/college


Anchor :

Respected chief guest Mr. Sam Robbins, honorable guest of honor Mr. John, our principal, vice-principal, teaching and non-teaching staff, respected parents, and our dear students, good evening to you all.

I would like to welcome you all to this awaited prize distribution ceremony. It is a day to appreciate and encourage your performance throughout the year,

2)Welcome speech


Now I would like to request our principal to give a welcome speech.

(Welcome speech)

It was really a warm welcome and I thank you a lot for this affectionate welcome.

3)Lighting the lamp

It is time now to start the proceedings of our program by lighting the lamp. I would like to invite our chief guest, guest of honor, principal, and vice-principal for it.

(Lamp lighting)

Thank you all, now we will start the function with the introduction of the chief guest.I would like to call our vice-principal for it.

(Introduction of chief guest)

Thank you very much, sir.

3)Main event


Now I would like to request our chief guest to guide us.

(Chief guest’s speech)

Thank you very much, sir. Now the main program of prize distribution will start. I would like to call the chief guest for giving away the prizes.

I would like to call the first winner of …. Prize.

(Prize distribution)

Congrats to the winners and all the best for the rest of the prizes next.

Now our students will perform the cultural program.

(Cultural program)

Really it was a very nice cultural dance and they are worthy of a standing ovation and applause.

4)Vote of thanks.


Here we come to the concluding part of this prize distribution ceremony.

I would like to request our senior teacher, Mr. Henry, to propose a vote of thanks.

(Vote of thanks)

Thank you sir. I declare that our prize distribution program has ended with a pleasant note of joy for the winners.

This is a sample anchoring script for the prize distribution ceremony of the school/college.


We can say that job of anchoring needs certain qualities and practice.

With love +respect from team

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