Topics for speech in school assembly

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Topics for speech in school assembly


School assembly is a very important routine of school. It consists of various activities including speech.

Here we will give you a very helpful list of topics for speech in the school assembly.

Top 63 Topics for speech in school assembly.

We are happy to give you a list of topics for speech for all standards in the school assembly.

Let’s get started.

List of speech topics for school morning assembly

  1. My school
  2. My favourite subject
  3. My hobby
  4. My aim in life
  5. Qualities of an ideal student
  6. Importance of reading
  7. My village/city
  8. My aim in life
  9. Save trees save the earth importance of the trees
  10. Climate change is the biggest threat to Humans
  11. Duties of the students
  12. Do we really need exams?
  13. Importance of good values for the students
  14. Student life
  15. My favourite game
  16. Trees – the lungs of our earth
  17. Stop cutting trees
  18. Stop child labour
  19. Problems of the students and solutions
  20. Health is wealth
  21. My family
  22. My friend
  23. Birth anniversary of …….
  24. Importance of Diwali ….. festival
  25. Role of teacher in student’s life
  26. Need for regular study habits for students
  27. Good habits for the students
  28. Say no to child abuse
  29. Child Helpline
  30. Cleanliness is next to godliness
  31. Stop using plastic
  32. Eco-friendly life
  33. Life in village
  34. Difference between city life and village life
  35. Advantages and disadvantages of city life and village life
  36. Advantages and disadvantages of mobiles
  37. Advantages and disadvantages of computers
  38. Advantages and disadvantages of social media
  39. Should children use mobiles and the internet?
  40. status of women in Indian society
  41. Trees our best friends
  42. Books our ideal friends
  43. Need for creativity development for students
  44. Importance of physical education
  45. Need for exercises for physical and mental fitness
  46. Value of co-curricular activities
  47. My dream
  48. My school- my pride
  49. My parents and teachers- my role models
  50. My ideals in life
  51. Value Of Time
  52. Importance of library in school
  53. Role of the character in the success of the students
  54. Environment pollution and solutions
  55. Global warming reasons, effects and solution
  56. Artificial Intelligence A.I. good or bad
  57. Future of cryptocurrency
  58. Reduce, reuse and recycle RRR
  59. Role of the teachers in nation building
  60. My favourite season
  61. Qualities of the best students
  62. Do’s and don’ts for the students
  63. Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet

This is a list of 63 important speech topics for the school assembly.


I hope you will like and find this list of topics for speech in the school assembly.

With love + respect from team

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