Sample speech and essay about the role of a teacher as a nation builder

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Sample speech and essay about the Role of teacher as a nation builder


Teacher is the most respectful and valuable personality in the world. They mould future generations and build a nation. Here is our sample speech and essay about Role of a teacher as a nation builder with highly important points.

Points for the speech and essay about role of a teacher as a nation builder.

  1. Formal beginning
  2. What is teacher
  3. Roles of teacher
  4. Contribution for society and nation
  5. Importance of their work
  6. How teachers build a nation
  7. Noble profession
  8. Grateful nation
  9. Your feelings
  10. Formal ending

Sample speech and essay about Role of a teacher as a nation builder

Respected principal and all the dignitaries present here, good afternoon, my name is Sam. I would like to express my thoughts about role of a teacher as nation builder.

Since ancient times teachers have been considered of the most valuable people as they do the noble work of passing our knowledge and heritage to future generations. Teachers are the persons who teach in school, college or any kind of formal or informal institutions.

The most important role of the teachers is to give knowledge and information of various subjects to the students. At the same time they inculcate moral values, teach discipline and hardwork, develop personality and would future generations who can lead and sustain nation world and societies.

Teachers teach their students the value of patriotism and sacrifice for noble causes. They give their students the age gold knowledge and heritage softer is continuous progress in society and it results in the progress of nation. Dedicated scientists, doctors , engineers, lawyers, and various professional invent new thing using the past knowledge with their curiosity thought by their teachers. They learn to ask why and how on find answers of every why and how.

No doubt teachers are doing the great work of building a nation. If students do not know about languages, science, society, humanity and patriotism, how can they ran the nation on the path of progress and prosperity. All professionals are equally important for the nation and the world but teacher’s profession is the noblest as it creates all the professionals.

So every nation and society are always grateful to these dedicated teachers who give their everything for building the future generations of nations. One good teacher can inspire thousands of souls which will result in the highest level of growth and prosperity. So the nation and the world core always grateful for the work of the teachers.

Personally, I am always grateful to my teachers including parents for teaching me languages and various subjects. So that I can make some difference in this vast world. I love my teachers and I am always proud of the teachers who play a very vital role in nation building.

Thank you very much for listening me.


This is our sample speech and essay about teacher as a nation builder.

with love +respect from team

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