Sample speech and essay about My favorite season – Rainy season

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Sample speech about My favorite season – the Rainy season (Monsoon)


There are 3 seasons in India. Here is our sample speech and essay about my ‘ My favorite season’- the Rainy season(Monsoon) with highly useful points for easy preparation and understanding.

Points for the speech and essay about ‘ My favorite season- Rainy season[Monsoon]

  1. Formal beginning
  2. 3 main seasons
  3. Why is the rainy season my favorite
  4. Duration
  5. Climate
  6. Nature
  7. Importance
  8. Problems
  9. How to protect
  10. My feelings
  11. Conclusion
  12. Formal ending

For an essay don’t take 1st point- the beginning and the last point the ending.

Sample speech about my favorite season- Rainy season[Monsoon].

Respected principal, teachers, and my dear friends good morning, my name is Sam. I would like to express my thoughts about my favorite season rainy season[monsoon].

There are 3 main seasons in our country. They are winter, summer, and rainy seasons. Each season is different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. But all are necessary to sustain our environment.

But the rainy season or monsoon is my favorite season because it is the most beautiful and helpful season. There is lush green vegetation everywhere and flowers sway with the wind and clouds loom over the earth and sometimes the appearance of the rainbow gives it a heavenly look.

The duration of the rainy season is from June to September we get rain from monsoon winds which bring clouds from the northeast part of the world – the climate is always overcast and it rains continuously or with certain gaps. The air is colder and moist and the whole atmosphere is filled with rainy rain.

Nature is at its best during the rainy season. Every tree grass and shrub becomes green and grows fast. It looks as if the earth has put on green clothes. There is water everywhere and everybody is comforted and satisfied when there is good rain. Having a cup of tea in the hand and continuous rain with spicy snacks is the ideal enjoyment for many.

The rainy season is very important for all living things as it provides water which is essential for life and this season is the only source of storing it for the whole year. We store rainwater in dams, tanks, and underground for the whole year to be used for drinking and farm irrigation. Farmers are very happy during this season as it gives them an opportunity to grow various crops and vegetables and fruits.

Our economy is based on farming which needs satisfactory rain. So this rainy season holds a very vital position in our lives and progress.

Sometimes we experience heavy rains, cloud bursts, or lightning. They create problems like floods, landslides, and washing away crops and farms. These are natural disasters that need to be faced with courage and well-preparedness. These calamities take lives and cause a loss of lives. Some common epidemics like cholera, flu, dengue, etc emerge during this season and create a lot of health problems. We need to take proper care to overcome such problems.

The best way to protect yourself from the rain is to use umbrellas, raincoats, and caps. But for me, the real joy of the rain is to get wet in it. I enjoy every moment of the rain as it magically transforms the climate with some beautiful fun. Drizzle, heavy rains, and rainbows are my favorites. The beauty of nature with misty mountains and valleys, waterfalls of joy, and greenery makes me immensely happy and satisfied.

After the scorching heat of summer, rain is always welcome. The rain which is our lifeline has so much fun and enjoyment and importance that it has become my favorite season.

Thank you very much for listening to me.

Sample essay about my favorite season – the rainy season

We can use this speech as an essay only by removing its first and last paragraph. You can take the essay from “There are 3 main……………. has become my favorite season.


This is our sample speech and essay about my favorite season – the rainy season(monsoon)

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