How to learn Summary writing

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How to learn Summary writing


Often we need to convert bulky details into short and for that summary writing skills is very handy as it allows us to omit unnecessary details and take only the most important ones.

What is the summary?

The summary is the writing of the main points of any paragraph, article, chapter, or book in our own words.

We can reduce the bulky details up to 1/3 and use them for our purpose and even expand them when we need them.

Do’s of summary writing are as follows.

Rules and guidelines for summary writing

1)First, read the passage at least two times or more with proper attention.

2)You should try to understand its meaning.

3)Read all the given instructions regarding summary writing and the text for it.

4)Decide and check what you should write in a summary.

5)First understand and find out the main idea of the passage and make it the title of your summary.

6)You should find out the meaning of each sentence, phrase, and word of text taken for the summary writing.

7)Then you should note down the important points expressing the main theme or idea of the passage.

8)Ideally 1/3 summary of the passage is written but if you can’t cover all important points in 1/3 then you can write a little more than 1/3

9)Write all sentences in summary in indirect speech.

10)You should Prepare small and meaningful sentences in your summary.

11)Connect sentences using linking words or discourse markers wherever necessary.

12)Remove unnecessary details from the given text in your summary.

13)First prepare a rough draft of your summary then check it and compare it with the original text and if necessary correct and write again.

14)Then you should write a fair copy giving the appropriate title.

Don’ts of summary writing

What should we avoid while writing the summary

1)Don’t include your thoughts and ideas in the summary.

2)Don’t exclude any important detail from the given text.

3)Don’t add anything new on your own.

4)Don’t make your own comment about the content of the text given for summary writing.

5)Don’t give your own examples to support the view in the text passage of which you are writing the summary.

six steps for summary writing

step 1) Read the passage two times or more.

step 2) Find out the purpose of writing by asking some specific questions like what, why, when, how, and who.

step 3) find out the main idea of the text.

step 4) First prepare a rough draft of your summary.

step5)Then check, correct if necessary, and edit it.

step6)write down the final draft of your summary.

Now, we will see how to write a summary of the given passage.

How to write a summary of the given text.

Read the following extract and write one-third summary. Suggest a suitable title.

A patriot is a man who loves his country, works for it, and is willing to fight and die for it. Every soldier is bound to do his duty, but the best soldiers do more than this. They risk their lives because they love the country they are fighting for. They love its hills and valleys, its cities and villages, its people and their way of life, and they are willing to defend it to the last against enemies who try to conquer it and destroy it.

Why is it that some nations have disappeared altogether? It has nearly always been because, when the great test came, when everything depended upon the most active resistance to the enemy, not enough men and women were found ready to sacrifice themselves in order that their country and their fellow countrymen might continue to live.

Is it that other nations, often small in population and power when compared with others, remain century after century free and independent in spite of great wars that have been fought around them and even within their own borders? The answer is that nowhere in such countries have men been found willing to yield to the enemy. For a time, they may have seemed to be at the mercy of a conqueror, but they have waited, refusing to give in, until at last the opportunity has come to destroy or drive out the enemy and win back their freedom.

Now we will write a 1/3 summary of this extract and provide a suitable title.

Title-Patriots and patriotism

A patriot loves his country. He or she is willing to sacrifice all for his or her country. The best soldiers defend their country to the last. Some nations lose freedom because men and women do not fight to the last. Some nations have succeeded in retaining their freedom by not yielding to the enemy and by fighting till the end.

Conclusion for summary writing

We can conclude that the summary is the list of important ideas in 1/3 of the given bulky text. If you can’t cover it in 1/3 you can write more but you should not omit any important details or add your own.

Give the proper title and check twice.

Hope this will help you to write a summary of any kind of text.

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