Interview questions for various occasions

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Interview questions for various occasions


Generally, we ask questions for various purposes but when we are interviewing someone we need to be very careful to use a formal way of talking and framing necessary questions without vexing the interviewee. Here we will study specimen interview questions for various situations.

Interview questions for academic purposes

In the academics category, students are asked to prepare at least 8 to 10 interview questions to conduct an interview of a teacher, principal, social reformer, sportsperson, soldier or any other person in society.

We need to ask questions as per the field of the interviewee, age, achievements, the value of work, etc.

The list of general questions that you can ask any person in any field-

1)what is your name?

2)where do you live?

3)where did you complete your schooling?

4)what is your educational qualification?

5)How did you enter this field?

6)who inspired you to do this work?

7)How did your family support you in the beginning?

8)How did you overcome the difficulties on your way?

9)What qualities have helped you to succeed?

10)What are your hobbies and favorite pastimes?

11)What keeps you always positive and motivated?

12)What awards have you received?

13)What are your greatest achievements

14)What is your message to others who want to enter this field?

you can ask these general questions to anyone for academic and general purposes also.


Here we have a very handy collection of common interview questions that you can use on various occasions.

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