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How I learned spoken English

how i learned spoken English

Shree Ganeshay Namah

How I learned spoken English


English is a world language and a window to the world. So it is necessary for everybody to learn it to get in touch with the world.

Today I am going to tell you how I learned spoken English.

Here I would like to mention that I have been teaching academic English for 16 years and giving spoken English training to hundreds of students during the same time and blogging for the last 11 months.

Looking back it all seems dream come true for me as I always wanted to master the English language. for that you must know the present, past, future tenses.

Let me start with how I learned spoken English and I am sure you will enjoy the story and get motivated to learn English.


How I learned basic English

I completed my schooling in regional language school and English was the third language for me from my 5th grade.

From 5th to 10 th standard I learned basics of English like Alphabets, basic grammar, vocabulary and writing skills.

I would like to mention that I haven’t conversed in English till the end of my schooling.

How I learned English grammar

I started learning English when I was in 5th standard. I learned basic grammar structures like parts of the speech, tenses, voices, reported speech, articles and question tags during this period.

But frankly speaking, I was not much expert in these topics and had knowledge of textual sentences.

Later in 2005, almost 14 years after my 10th std. I joined a spoken English class in Pune and learned English grammar in detail from Rahul sir.

How I learned English vocabulary

I learned very basic vocabulary in my school life as I did not have any access to English of any form except my text books of English as a third language.

When I was doing my graduation and post-graduation with English as a special subject in English literature, I bought one English to regional language dictionary.

When I find new word, I would look up a dictionary and find its meaning in English and my mother tongue Marathi and mark that word in dictionary and up to the end of my M.A. in English there was a mark on almost every page of my dictionary.

But the actual level of vocabulary increased when I was doing one of the best spoken English class in Pune.

Every day I learned there new words which were used in day-to-day English speaking and writing and I must confess that I learned words like set fire, extinguish fire, lag behind, keep pace with time get angry, pacify anger, settle the quarrel, pick a quarrel first time in my life and later I found them very handy in my speaking and writing.

I got 2000 daily use words and 300 verbs with base, past, and past participle form with meaning in my spoken English class.

Same thing I have been repeating in my spoken English class.

How I learned English writing skills

Writing in English was easier than speaking for me as I took my written exams in English and passed with good marks.

Simple essays, letters, stories, speeches were taught me in my school life. For that I am always grateful to my English teachers.

During my graduation and post-graduation, I wrote essay-type answers and short notes. They helped me a lot in improving my writing skills.

Also I learned many skills helpful for writing in my spoken English class.

But I developed a love for doing creative writing and translation of English while I was teaching and giving spoken English training.

How I learned spoken English

This is the most interesting fact of my journey of English learning and continuing as a spoken English trainer even when I was unable to speak fluent English after my post-graduation in English.

I used to think in English and even write my daily activities and notes in English but speaking English at any situation was still a dream for me.

As I was pursuing my career, my childhood friend who knew my love for English advised me to join his friend’s spoken Englis class and start my own spoken English classes which is all time demanding career option for English lovers like me.

So I joined one of the best spoken English classes in Pune and within the span of 3 months, I started speaking fluent English and became ready to conduct spoken English classes for others.

Yes, you heard it right, it is only because of the spoken English class that I could speak English fluently for the first time. Also I read English newspapers, magazines and watched English movies with subtitles.

I got their training of English grammar, vocabulary and speaking practice and same is applicable for everyone under an expert trainer.

What can others learn from this

It is clear that this method is for those who are non-native speakers of the English language. If you want to become a fluent English speaker, then follow my method. Just join any good quality online or offline spoken English class and start your practice from day one.

Our articles will help you a lot and soon you will get my own spoken English notes.


From the above journey, we can conclude that if you have willpower and the right direction, you can achieve anything and English speaking is no exception to it.

Keep on trying and learning.

Here is my motto of life

To strive,

To seek,

To find


Not to yield.

With love + respect from team learnhatkey.com

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