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Top 50 Unique Creative new year 2021 resolution ideas

Shree Ganeshay Namah

New year resolutions’ ideas for 2021


Finally, we have reached in the concluding part of the notorious year 2020, which is very much happening year because of the Coronavirus pandemic and it is time to get new year resolution ideas and finalize the best for us.

With the hopes of the availability of vaccine very soon people all over the world are ready to celebrate Christmas and New year 2021.

The new year is the time to check yourself and giving up things that are not suitable or useful for us and the time to make new resolutions.

Let’s see very unique, creative but practical ideas for the new year 2021 resolutions.

What is resolution?

As per the oxford dictionary meaning, we can say that resolution is a firm decision or determination.

Our life is a continuous process and we have to change ourselves according the age, occupation, family, society nation and some other things, first we have to take a decision firmly and implement it successfully without wasting time.

1st day of the new year is the best time to make new resolutions and start following them without giving up. Now we will see various creative, innovative and practical ideas for new year resolution 2021.

Top five new year resolutions for 2021

Here are the top five resolution ideas for you to start practicing in this new year.

1)Forgive 2020 and those who offended you-

Forgiving others is good for us as it reduces unnecessary burdens upon us.

We should not keep on blaming 2020 for the spread of the deadly corona-virus pandemics. Instead, we should forgive which was bad and troublesome and remember the lessons in humanity, health care, family values, simple life without wastage of money and most importantly the value of each life and the joy of living each day to its fullest.

Forget the bitter memories of the last year and move ahead with confidence and hope for the new year.

Gone are the days when the whole world was locked in homes and the arrival of vaccines has given new hopes to bring back everything to normalcy.

So the first and most important resolution for 2021 is to forgive 2020 and forget everything that was bad and painful and keep the pleasant memories that you have survived with your willpower and learned many lessons to be remembered for a lifelong basis.

2)Prepare your MOTIVATION CARD –

We need constant motivation just like daily brushing and bathing. But we tend to forget our motivations and become sad and depressed.

The best way to stay always motivated is to prepare your motivation card. You should write what makes you happy positive and confident be it a good thought, your commitment for family, career, society, nation or the whole world.

You can also write your success stories’ headings, your favorite music, photo or a joke that makes you forget all the stress and makes you laugh.

You can also write your long-term and short-term goals with ways to achieve them and keep that paper with you all the time and whenever you feel down just open it and read it.

That is the best way to get constant motivation through the Motivation card. You can even add some of your own ideas in it.

3)Prepare a checklist for each day and for all other important plans and activities-

Checklist is a list of the things that you must remember to do or to take with you or to find out.

This simple resolution will save your lot of time, energy, efforts and it will keep you well organized and efficient and productive in this new year.

You have to a very simple thing. Just prepare the list of the activities to be performed on each day and check for few times a day whether you are performing as per it or not.

Don’t worry if you fail to perform all your tasks of the day. You can add them in the next day’s checklist.

You can simply type or write your checklist on your notepad and keep it with you. So you will not miss your important family and professional responsibilities.

In the same way, you can always prepare various checklists for your future plans like Holidays, purchasing car, apartment, investment, medical follow-ups and health priorities.

This habit of making various checklists will boost your productivity and take you on the path of success.

4)Prepare your vision board-

You must be aware of the vision board and its importance stated by Rhonda Byrne

s in her masterpiece of motivational books The Secrets which explains the law of attraction for achieving what we really want.

It is almost like your motivation card but the vision board differs in size and we should fix it at someplace and can’t carry it like a motivation card.

Basically, the vision board is the board on which we write or paste what we really want in life and keep it in such a way that we see it often and we automatically start working for our visions on it and even we attract the power of the universe for our help in achieving it.

You can prepare your vision board with a simple cardboard, foam sheet or buy some specially prepared.

Just prepare it and fill it with your visions and see the magic which will propel you towards your goals.

5)Be super healthy physically and mentally-

The survival of the fittest is a proven fact for ages and this modern world is no exception. However medical science is progressed many diseases are only prevented or overcome with only strong immunity and fit health.

So without taking further chances, let’s resolve to be super healthy in this brand new year, For that we need to be active, stress-free, exercising daily and having healthy food in recommended quantity and your frame.

For good physical and mental health, we should develop healthy habits and avoid junk food. You can use Ayurvedic medicines to boost your immunity such as Tinospora cordifolia( Giloy), amla, Aloe vera, Turmeric with milk and gurgling with saltwater.

The most important thing for becoming super healthy is to give daily one hour for your health and do exercises, go for a walk or running, do Yoga and meditation. Try to be stress-free by controlling your mind and remaining always positive and optimistic in the good company of family and friends.

Some of the creative and equally important ideas for new year resolutions-

6)Start reading daily

Reading makes a man perfect and it is true that TODAY’S READER-TOMORROW’S LEADER.

It is needless to tell the importance of reading good books daily as most of the great personalities in history and in the present are the result of Reading.

Present days’ icons like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet are successful because of their visions and regular reading.

So without wasting time start reading daily. You can read good and motivational books of world-famous authors like Robert Kiyosaki-Rich dad poor dad, Ronda-The secrets, Stephen Covey’s Seven habits of highly influential people and some other books like Think and grow rich, The Alchemist, The monk who sold his Ferrari and many more. If you are not comfortable with English you can read them in your own languages.

7)Develop a positive attitude –

It is easier than said to be positive always in all kinds of situations. Either we will find the solution or live with that condition and there is no other alternative to it. So it is needless to worry over everything and wasting our present which is the only time we have.

We should read good books, stop comparing with others, Find our motivation and be positive all the time.

If negativity leads only to distress instead of answers why should we choose it. After all being positive or negative is our choice and not forced by others.

8)Daily walking, running, exercises, yoga and meditation-

If you want to become successful in your mission, you need to be super healthy and for that you should do daily walking, running, exercises, yoga and meditation.

It will make you confident, energetic and productive and creative.


9)Eat healthy and balanced food-

It is said that whatever you are is the result of your food. It is absolutely correct and craving too much for particular food and junk food will create serious health problems.

It is right to start having healthy food like green vegetables, sprouts, beans and less meat after consulting an expert dietician.

Don’t make any experiments with half knowledge.

10)Be creative-

Creativity is intelligence having fun and doing simple things with various possible efficient methods.

So in this new year 2021 Be Creative.

11)Be well organized-

If you are well organized, you have won half battle to achieve your goal.

Finding things at their places avoids lot of troubles at your home and workplaces.

Be well organized this new year and show your super productivity. Be among the very few people who find whatever they want in a jiffy.

12)Reduce your screen time-

Besides our working hours, we should do our best to reduce our screen time which is the reason of wastage of time and a lot of serious problems. We can use this time in our creative works, reading, enjoying ourselves with family and friends.

It is not my intention to tell to stop using mobiles, laptops and televisions.

It only means to avoid unnecessary distractions

13)Earn more money to fulfill future plans-

We always plan for the future and to fulfill them, we need money and it is right to try to earn more money by using our brain and physical efforts.

There is not such a thing that you will become rich and successful overnight. For that, you need to prepare future plans and start working on them without wasting time

14)Be a hard worker-

Who doesn’t like the life of comfort and less efforts. But don’t forget the law of nature that you need to give more to earn more.

Success has no short cuts and hard work is the only way to achieve it.

15)Increase your emotional intelligence-

Having a higher IQ than others was sufficient to succeed in the past. Nowadays you need more EQ to succeed in this fast-paced modern world.

You should use proven methods like yoga, mediation, problem-solving attitude and expert guidance to increase your EQ which more essential than IQ only.

16)Give up jealousy, selfishness and getting angry quickly-

If you want to give up something in 2021, give up your jealousy, selfishness, hatred, and short-tempered nature. All these evils only destroy our lives.

So give them up as early as possible to multiply your happiness.

17)Forget your mistakes but remember lessons forever-

As human beings, we tend to commit mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. We should not think over them again and again and move ahead. The best solution is to forget that unpleasant moment and remember the lesson that you have learned through it on a lifelong basis.

18)Don’t take everything to the heart-

As sensitive creatures, most of us take so many things to heart and suffer.It is only you who can hurt you.

Don’t take everything to the heart as we can’t control everything and let go off the things which is good for all.

19)Make your family as your first priority-

Everybody should give top priority to his/her family. There may different kinds of families but you should always give priority to others and to your families.

20)Be focused on your careers and goals-

There are always lot of distractions in the world which take away our focus and concentration from our careers or goals. Even we get distracted for some time, try to regain your focus as soon as possible.

21)Utilise your spare time creatively and productively-

We get our rightful leisure and we are in sole control of it to use it creatively or waste it in just lazing.

We should do new things that excite us more and give us joy and creative satisfaction.

Even we can use our sleeping time to find answers to difficult problems. Sometimes we go to bed thinking about any issue and we get up in the morning with the solution. It is the power of your subconscious mind.

22)Do voluntary work for others-

Being kind loving and helpful are the greatest virtues of perfect human beings. Start doing voluntary social service and get peace of mind and motivation to excel in your life.

23)Make plans for success-

Always keep your plans ready for improving the quality of your life or to achieve your coveted dreams.

Get your thinking hats on and prepare your best plans and start implementing them.

24)Talk less and listen more-

This new year try to be a good listener and talk less only about whatever is necessary. If you want to be liked by others and to make a positive impression of your personality then talk less only about whatever is necessary. Avoid chatter that makes others not to take you seriously.

It doesn’t mean that you should stop talking. Wherever necessary, you should speak in detail.

25)Say no to gossip-

Gossiping about others reduces your credibility and people go away from you. Say no to gossips and be friendly with others.

26)No addictions-

This is also a very popular new year resolution. Many people resolve to give up alcohol and tobacco and other addictions but fail in following it.

It is only a mind game and you are the player and also the winner and loser. Just resolve firmly and stick to it. If needed take necessary medical help to give up addictions.

You can make your life lot more happy and easy by doing it. Don’t wait and just do it.

27)Write a diary-

It is a good idea to start writing a daily diary. It is a very age-old and quite popular resolution.

You should start writing your daily activities at night and you will find the details of your every minute and it will result in boosting your productivity and confidence and creativity.

It will also be a good memory for the future.

28)Be friendly-

If you are friendly, the others will also be friendly. You might be disappointed by some unfriendly people but don’t give up and enjoy the sweet fruits of being friendly.

29)Develop and nurture hobbies-

The things that attract our attention spontaneously and sustain it for a longer time are called as hobbies.

You should nurture any good hobby or hobbies like playing, reading, cooking, gardening, singing, dancing, travelling, collecting various things.

Your hobbies will b the source of great joy for you and they will make you feel proud and even world famous if your hobby is unique and you are the best in it.

30)Be you-

We are so occupied with our problems and responsibilities that we forget to live our own lives.

Along with all the stuff you are involved in , you should be you, that is BE YOU.

You are a part of this beautiful world. Don’t get trapped by the thinking of others and Indulge yourself in good and leave which doesn’t excite you anymore.

You are unique and don’t try to be a copy of others. You might be influenced by one or more but don’t try to be a photocopy of someone else.

So always remember that you are unique and you are the best.

Some more resolutions worth trying.

1)Eat few calories.

2)Write a business plan.

3)Be more grateful.

4)Stop procrastinating.

5)Give daily one hour for your dreams.

6)Go in nature daily..

7)Learn to find joy in the small things.

8)Keep on learning new skills.

9)Be always confident and brave.

10)Try to increase your influencing power.

11)Make efforts to develop good relations with others.

12)You should control your thoughts.

13)Start traveling as per your wish.

14)Restrict yourself from being overambitious.

15)Pay attention to even smaller and simple things to avoid future problems.

16)Pay attention to your health and make good health as your priority.

17)Don’t try to exceed your budget rather try to earn more.

18)Stay away from unnecessary loans.

19)Always remember the purpose of life to make others happy.

20)Don’t forget to live your life to its fullest.

Conclusion for new year2021 resolution ideas and explanation

Here we come to the concluding part of this new year 2021 resolutions’ ideas and we have seen very creative and unique resolution ideas like Forgiving, motivation card, vision board, be super healthy and many more.

It is not the case that you should practice these ideas for only new year resolutions but they are equally important to start practicing them at any time for all who want to bring positive changes in your life.

All the best and all green lights for your great life in 2021.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com




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