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25 HAT-KEY Learning ideas for all

Shree Ganeshay Namah

25 HAT-KEY learning ideas for all in2021


Learning is knowledge gained through study and education is long-lasting changes in behavior due to experience and practice.

We are all learners throughout our lives. But formal learning for a career is vital for all. Very few are able to excel in it and others lag behind.

Why does this happen?

There are many reasons like lack of a good learning environment, motivation or proper learning ideas or strategies.

Here we are going to study some unique and special and creative tested learning ideas that will be helpful for all

Unique, creative and practical learning ideas

1)Think creatively

Creativity is doing new things using your imagination. It will very helpful fr you if you start thinking creatively about any topic of your learning or teaching.

Creative thinking will allow you to find the essence of the topic, its use in our life, ideas to learn it in-depth and you will do it without any burden or stress of acquiring anything new.

2)Use the power of imagination

It is constantly said that if you can imagine it, you can do it. The condition for its success is that you should put on your thinking hats and let your imagination work. You will find amazing results.

If you are learning a story, just tell your students to think about the different ending of the given story or if you are learning weather of a particular region, just try to think in the opposite of the given weather details.

You will never forget the details you imagined and the actual details you considered for your imagination.

3)Use Reading as the best idea

The best form of learning is through READING. All the existing and existed great people have achieved this position through extensive reading.

I am 100% sure that if you nurture the habit of reading, you will be unstoppable great.

Take any kind of learning and you will find that you need to read to understand it. I can tell from my experience that repeated reading is the key to understand and master the learning topic.

From my experience I can tell you that the first reading of any topic gives some idea of the topic, the second reading makes it clear more than 50% and the third reading gives you the complete idea of the learning topic.

It might not apply to all but most of the learners can fit in this method. The most important factor in it is your concentration during reading.

Even if you get limited success in three readings, you can do it for some more times.

Don’t underestimate the power of reading in learning.

4) Master memorisation technique

Memorization is an age-old method of learning and all the ancient knowledge before the invention of the printing technique has come to us from memorization.

Nowadays, Memorisation is considered as Rot learning and it is true up to a certain extent. If you are mugging up the content without understanding, then it is really rotten learning.

But for a better understanding of any topic, you need to memorize certain things such as the name of the Author, years of important happenings, theme or central ideas, Equations, rules.

Here I would like to mention a very important thing,” Don’t ever memorize anything without understanding it.”

5)Use the skills like note-making and note-taking

Note-taking means just taking down important points during lecture or reading and note-making is arranging the points in a systematic manner like tables, tree diagrams, pie charts, web diagrams, graphs or the list of the points.

If you develop the skill of note making, you can easily make a list of important points and recreate them in the paragraph when you need them.

This is a very handy skill for learning and you can master any topic or book with the help of a few tables or diagrams.

6) How to prepare and use Acrostics-

The best method to master tough stuff

Making an interesting and creative acrostic for highly tough content lets you remember and use it whenever you need it.

Acrostic means the collection of letters from each line or word formed to make meaningful words or lines which we can use to reproduce the whole lines or words.

For example, if we want to remember points of introduction-name, address, family, education, occupation, hobbies, qualities, aim or ambition, we can make a list of first letters as NAFEOHQA. Now we will arrange them in an easy-to-remember manner such as NAFEHOQA.

You can easily remember this acrostic and reproduce the words whenever you need to do it.

7)Audio-video recordings

Audio-video recordings will help you a lot to create interest in learning. You can opt for ready material available or you can create your own using your smartphone.

If you find any topic very difficult to understand and you get its video or just audio and you repeatedly listen to it or watch it, you can easily understand that so-called tough stuff.

8)Prepare charts

Preparing various charts using your note-making skills will help you a lot to understand your learning.

9) flashcards

Flashcards are also a very useful and creative way to involve in learning by making it interactive.

10) lists

This is the simplest and best way to remember the essence of any topic as your list will allow you to have a look at all the important details of your topic at any time.

11)Discussion about the learning topic

If you learn something and discuss it with your co-learners and teachers, it will boost your understanding.

12)The art of relating to life

We can relate the learning to our real-life events for a better understanding of them. I remember how I understood the difference between concrete and abstract ideas or things. Love is an abstract idea and its monument Taj Mahal is a concrete thing that is the symbol of love.

13)Real-life examples-Real life examples help us understand the principle of the concept.

14)Questioning technique

15)Understanding theme or central idea

16)Conversion into story or drama

17)Preparing pictures

18)Prepare working models

19)Prepare PowerPoint presentations

20)Use the skills of quiz and game


22)Flexible timetable

23)Convenient evaluation methods

24)Field visits

25)Writing in your own words

Conclusion for creative learning ideas

From the above discussion, we can conclude that learning is to gain knowledge through study and education is long-lasting changes in behavior due to experience and practice.

Every individual is a learner throughout life and the student phase decides the course of life.

If we want to learn anything at any stage of our life determination and creative tactics are necessary to make it easy and helpful

I hope you will like these learning ideas and I am waiting for your feedback through your comments.

With love + respect from team learnhatkey.com.

All the best for creative learning…

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