Don’t know about parts of the speech’s poem? Never try to speak English then

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Parts of the speech in English Grammar


There are more than one million words and word forms in English language. So it has achieved the status of world language.

There are 8 parts of the speech in English. Each and every word can be categorized as noun/pronoun/adjective/verb/adverb/preposition/conjunction/interjection. In this condition, if you want to be a fluent English speaker then you must master all these parts of the speech with my own practiced method which is easy and practical.

Here is my own method to grab parts of the speech tightly and to use them correctly in your speaking and writing of English with definitions and examples of all the parts of the speech.


Definition-The names of people places, things, birds, animals, feelings, ideas etc are called as nouns.

In simple words Noun=names of people, places, things, birds, animals, feelings, ideas.

e.g. John, Tina, America, Paris, Mobile, laptop, peacock, tiger, Happiness, Creativity.

There are 10 subtypes of nouns.


Definition-The words which are used instead of (In place of) nouns are called as pronouns.

e.g. I, we, you, they, he, she, it, this, that these, those.

Know all the details of pronouns including sub types and examples here.


The words which describe or qualify nouns or pronouns are called as adjectives.

e.g. good, bad, easy, difficult, important, beautiful, nice, big, small, kind, helpful etc


Definition-The words which show action or state-of-being of people, places, things etc are called as verbs.

e.g. I)Main verb—Come, go, read, write, give, take, sing, dance etc

II)Helping verbs(Auxiliary verbs)—

To be-am/is/are was/were will be/shall be

To do-do/does did

To have-have/has had will have/shall have

Modals—can, could, may, might, must, should, would, ought to, need, dare


Definition-The words which add something about verbs, adjectives or another adverb in the same sentence are called as adverbs.

e.g. very, greatly, extremely, simply, so, too, really, indeed


Definition-The words which show relation between nouns or pronouns are called as preposition.

e.g. in, of, for, to, with, between, among etc

Know more about prepositions including definition, types, examples here


Definition- The words which join two words or sentences are called as conjunctions.

e.g. and, or, but, not only- but also, either- or, neither- nor etc


Definition- The words which show sudden feelings from the heart are called as interjections.

e.g. oh! Ah! Ouch! Well done! Bravo! Alas! Wow! Gosh! Etc

My Poem for the easiest understanding of parts of the speech—

Title—Family of 8 with one million plus bucks(words)

We are the richest family called parts of the speech,

Our 8 members have 8 million bucks together for each.

Our sweet names noun, pronoun, adjective, verb,

And meet preposition, conjunction, interjection and adverb.

Noun is the name of all living things,

Pronoun is used instead of noun brings.

Adjective describes nouns or pronouns,

Verb shows action or state-of-being,

Adverb always tells about verb, adjective or adverb.

Preposition shows relation between nouns or pronouns,

Conjunction joins all the family property of words and sentences.

Interjection shows sudden feelings from the hearts.

We are the soul of English language words,

Which every soul needs.

I hope you will appreciate my sincere efforts.

And master speech with its parts.

Conclusion for parts of the speech-

Here we have completed the easiest method to understand and master parts of the speech in English. Most important part of parts of the speech is that you get total control over your usage of words to make your speech effective.

I personally used this way to master parts of the speech. I am sure you will also like it. Is there any other simple method to learn parts of the speech? please let me know through your comments.

With love+ respect from team

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