What is gender in English grammar?

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What is gender in English grammar


Gender is the quality of nouns which means the names of people, places, things, birds animals.

There are 4 main genders in English language grammar. They include masculine gender, feminine gender, common gender, and neuter gender.

We will study all these types with definitions, and examples here.

What is gender in English grammar?

Gender means the state of being male or female with reference to social or cultural differences.

Generally, there are 4 types of genders.

They are as follows.

  1. Masculine gender
  2. Female gender
  3. Common gender
  4. Neuter gender

Now we will see definitions and examples of each type of gender.

What is Masculine gender with examples?

When a noun denotes a male animal then it is called a masculine gender.

Examples-boy, man,

What is feminine gender with examples

When a noun denotes a female animal then it is called a feminine gender.

Examples- girl, woman

What is common gender with examples

A noun that denotes male or female is called a common gender.

Examples- child, doctor, teacher, pilot, cook, soldier

What is neuter gender with examples

When a noun denotes a thing without life and it is not male or female then it is called a neuter gender.

Examples- tree, road, bridge

List of masculine and feminine Genders in English

a)Masculine gender b)Feminine gender

1)boy- girl

2)man- woman

3) Brother-sister

4)Husband- wife

5)Father- mother

6)Batchelor- spinster

7)Buck- doe

8)Bull/ox- cow

9)Horse- mare

10)King- queen

11)Prince- princes

12)Lord- lady

13)Monk- nun

14)sir- madam

15)Nephew- Niece

16)Cock- hen

17)Daddy- mummy

18)Dog- bitch

19)Drake- duck

20)Gander- goose

21)Gentleman- lady

22)Ram- ewe

23)Son- daughter

24)Stag- hind

25)Wizard- witch

26)Uncle- aunt

27)Manager- manageress

28)Lion- lioness

29)Host- hostess

30)Author- authoress

31)Baron- Baroness

32)Count- countess

33)Giant- giantess

34)Heir- heiress

35)priest- priestess

36)Prophet- prophetess

37)Shepherd- shepherdess

38)Steward- stewardess

39)Mayor- mayoress

40)Patron- patroness

41)Peer- peeress

42)Poet- poetess

43)Emperor- empress

44)Duke- duchess

45)Negro- negress

46)Instructor- instructress

47)Actor- Actress

48)Benefactor- benefactress

49)Conductor- conductress

50)Enchanter- enchantress

51)Founder- foundress

52)Hunter- huntress

53) Tiger-tigress

54)Waiter- waitress

55)Master- mistress

56)Murderer- murderess

57)Songster- songstress

58)Preceptor- preceptress

59)Seamster- seamstress

60)Traitor- traitress

61)Czar- czarina

62)Testator- testatrix

63)Hero- heroine

64)Fox- vixen

65)Signor- signora

66)Sultan- sultana

67)Landlord- landlady

68)Grandfather- grandmother

69)Manservant- maidservant

70)Great uncle- great aunt

71)Salesman- saleswoman

72)Washerman- washerwoman

73)Peacock- peahen

74)Viscount- viscountess

75)Jew- Jewess

In this way, we have the gender in the English list.


From the above explanation, we can conclude that gender is the state of being male or female. There are 4 types of genders. They are masculine gender, feminine gender, common gender, and neuter gender.

I am sure you will find it helpful for your English learning.

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