What are the main and important uses of the simple present tense in English

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The simple present tense is one of the most important tenses in English. It is mainly used for daily and general repetitive happenings.

Here we will see all the important uses of simple present tense

The sentence construction of simple present tense is very important and needs to be studied properly.

Now we will see the uses of the simple present tense in English with examples.

Important uses of simple present tense

Generally, we use simple present tense for the things which take place daily or repeat after a certain time.

Here are some of the important uses of the simple present.

1)To tell daily routine- The most common use of simple present tense is to tell anyone’s daily routine of life.

We say,”I get up at 6.00 a.m…

I go to bed at 11.00 p.m.

2) To tell the general truths – We use this tense for telling things that happen generally, weekly, monthly, and yearly early after a fortnight.


He goes for a picnic monthly.

she washes clothes weekly.


3)To tell universal truth-We use simple present tense for telling universal truths.


1) The Sun rises in the east.

The Sun sets in the west.

5+5 is equal to 10.

Planets revolve around the Sun.

4) To give the headline of the newspaper-the headline of the newspaper is always in the present tense to catch the attention of the readers and all the other details are mostly in the simple past tense.

The prime minister visits America.

6) for the narration of film drama and for cricket commentary or of any live event.

7) to give proverbs and quotations-

slow and steady wins the race.

Don’t cross the bridge until you reach it.

8) To give nature and habits-

we practice daily.

I like to play outdoor games.

9) to give dramatic presence-

When we are thinking about something and the same thing happens then we use simple present tense with here and there to tell our thoughts.

Here comes the station.

There goes my bus.

These are the most important uses of the simple present tense in English.


from the above discussion, it is clear that simple present tense is used for the actions that take place regularly for always true I hope you have understood the use.

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