Wh questions with formula,examples

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Wh- type questions with examples


Wh- questions are those questions that begin with wh-words like what, when, where, how, why, who, whose, whom, which, how many, how much, how far, how long, etc.

Asking and answering questions correctly is a very handy skill to become an effective communicator in the ENGLISH language. We have to know the right structure and grammar of each tense, especially the tense and sequence.

We often ask questions to know about something. Let’s know about the art of asking correct questions.

List of wh-words with their uses and examples.

Wh words Use of wh-word examples
1)What To find out direct

object In the sentences,

information about

Something and for repetition

or confirmation

1)What do you read daily?

2)What is your name?

3)What? I didn’t get that.

2)When To ask the time of an event,

activity, action, or something.

1)When will you play?

2)When is your birthday?

3)When do you get up?

3)Where To ask about the place of

action or activity.

1)Where do you live?

2)Where is your car?

3)Where are you from?

4)Why To ask the reason of

an action or something

1)Why are you laughing?

2)Why did you go there?

3)Why do you give up?

5)How To ask about health, manner,

procedure, method,

way of doing something

1)How are you?

2)How do you draw this?

3)How does she read?

6)How many To ask the quantity

of the countable nouns

1)How many friends do you have?

2)How many students are there in your class?

3)How many books have you read?

7)How much To ask about the quantity

of uncountable nouns

1)How much water do you drink?

2)How much money do you spend daily?

3)How much food is left for me?

8)Who To know the subject(person)

and to ask about the person

1)Who opens the door?

2)Who are you?

3)Who helped you in your problems?

9)Whom To know the object (person),

the indirect object,

1)Whom do you want to meet?

2)Whom do you love?

3)Whom did you hurt?

10)Whose To ask about the ownership

of something

1)Whose is this?

2)Whose book is this?

3)Whose car is not in the parking?

11)How far To ask or talk about

the distance

1)How far can you run?

2)How far is your home from school?

3)How far did they reach?

12)How long To ask or talk about time 1)How long do you work?

2)How long did they wait for you?

3)How long will you study?

13)At what time Starting time of

the action

1)At what time does she come?
14)By what time Actual time of

the end of the action

2)By what time do you reach home?

Formula and structure of wh-questions

We should be careful while framing wh-questions as we can’t fit their structures in the same formulas.

Wh questions with helping verbs

Most of the wh-words have the same formula as follows

Wh-word+ auxiliary(helping verb)+ subject+ main verb+ object/modifier/adverb+?

We will see some of examples of this formula.

Eg. 1)What+ do+ you+ play+ with your friends+?

We can frame wh-questions with this formula for the following wh-words.

What, why, when, where, how, who


1)What are you watching?

Answer- I am watching my favorite TV serial.

2)Why are you laughing?

Answer- I am laughing because of his Joke.

3)When will you come?

Answer- I will come at 5.00 pm.

4)Where were they going?

Answer- They were going to the city market.

5)How do you find your book?

Answer- I find my book by searching in my locker.

6)Who is the winner of this match?

Answer- Team spartan is the winner of this match.

How to make wh questions without auxiliary (helping verbs)

We can make some wh questions without helping verbs as follows.

we can use this formula for making wh questions without helping verbs.

Wh-word + main verb+ noun+……?

1)Who opens the door?

Answer- Sam opens the door.

2)Who teaches you?

Answer- Mr. John teaches me.

3)What makes you laugh?

Answer- His funny get-up makes me laugh.

4)What brings you here?

Answer- My questions bring me here.

Wh questions with wh-word and singular or plural nouns

some wh-words like how many, how much, which, whose need singular or plural nouns followed by them to make wh-questions.

For such wh-words, we can use the following formula.

Wh-word+ singular/plural noun +auxiliary(helping verb) +subject+ main verb+ object/remaining part of the question +?

Eg. 1)How many rooms are there in your home?

Answer- There are 4 rooms in my home.

2)How far can you ride?

Answer- I can ride up to 100 km without any halt.

3)How much confidence do you have?

Answer- I have full confidence in my success.

4) Whose book is this?

Answer-This book is mine.

5)Which trees can survive here?

Answer- All kinds of trees can survive here.

Wh-questions with all wh-words and their responses


1)What is your hobby?

Answer- My hobby is reading. or My hobbies are reading, gardening, and cooking.

2)What do you like to do?

Answer- I like to play games.

3)What are you?(profession)

Answer- I am a teacher.

4)What is your father? (occupation)

Answer- My father is a doctor.

5)What did you do yesterday?

Answer- I completed my project yesterday.

6)What will you do tomorrow?

Answer- I will go picnic tomorrow.


1)When do you get up?

Answer- I get up at 6.00 a.m.

2)When did she go?

Answer-She went yesterday.

3)When will he come?

Answer- He will come tomorrow.

4)When is his birthday?

Answer- His birthday is on coming Monday.

5)When did you buy this car?

Answer- I bought this car in the last month.

6)When does the door open?

Answer- The door opens at 7.00 a.m.


1)Where are you from?

Answer- I am from Orko city.

2)Where is your bag?

Answer- My bag is in my cupboard.

3)Where do you want to go?

Answer-I want to go home.

4)Where were you yesterday?

Answer- I was away from home yesterday.

5)Where have you kept your books?

Answer- I have kept my books on the table.

6)Where is the cafe?

Answer- It is at the corner of this lane.


1)How are you doing?

Answer- I am fine.

2)How does she run?

Answer- She runs very fast.

3)How will you solve this puzzle?

Answer- I will solve this puzzle with the help of my friends.

4)How do you do? (Ask when you meet somebody for the first time)

Answer-How do you do?(Answer is the same for this question but you can also say-I am fine.)

5)How is your new car?

Answer- My new car is very nice and comfortable.

6)How will you overcome your problems?

Answer- I will overcome my problems with my hard work and persistence.


1)Why are you learning English?

Answer- I am learning English for my successful career.

2)Why do you play cricket?

Answer- I play cricket because it is my favorite game.

3)Why did you call me?

Answer- I called you for my help.

4)Why will he help you?
Answer- He will help me because I also help him.

5)Why was he absent yesterday?

Answer-He was absent because he was not feeling well.

6)Why was he angry?

Answer- He was angry because of my questions.

6)How many

1)How many friends do you have?

Answer- I have around 70 friends but3 friends are my best friends.

2)How many countries have you visited?

Answer- I have visited 9 countries.

3)How many books did you purchase?

Answer- I purchased 8 books.

4)How many students have completed homework?

Answer-35 students have completed homework.

5)How many people came to the meeting?

Answer- 89 people came for the meeting.

6)How many cars do you have?

Answer- I have 3 cars.

7)How much

1)How much water do you drink?

Answer- I drink a lot of water.

2)How much milk is there in the pot?

Answer- There is very less milk in the pot.

3)How much oil do you need?

Answer- I need 3litre oil.

4)How much food is there in the fridge?

Answer- There is very less food in the fridge.

5)How much courage do you have?

Answer- I have a lot of courage.

6)How much money do you have?

Answer- I have enough money to sustain myself for 9 years.


1) who is your best friend?

Answer- Sam is my best friend.

2)Who is your role model?

Answer-My parents are my role models.

3)Who told you?

Answer-My friends told me.

4)Who helped you?

Answer-My brother helped me

5)Who was your Advisor?

Answer-My lawyer was my advisor.

6)Who has broken your record?

Answer- John has broken my record.


1)Whom do you want to meet?

Answer- I want to meet the president.

2)With whom do you study?

Answer- I study with my classmates.

3)To whom did you meet?

Answer- I met my relatives.

4)For whom have you brought these flowers?

Answer- I have brought these flowers for my teacher.

5)Whom did you call?

Answer- I called my teacher.

6)To whom will you meet?

Answer- I will meet my parents.


1)Whose is this?

Answer- This is my book.

2)Whose friend are you?

Answer- I am the friend of all.

3)Whose pen is missing?

Answer- Sam’s pen is missing.

4)Whose baby is crying?

Answer- Neighbour’s baby is crying.

5)Whose match is going on?

Answer- John’s match is going on.

6)Whose car is this?

Answer- This is Sam’s car.

11)How far

1)How far can you run?

Answer- I can run 3km.

2)How far do you walk?

Answer- I walk around10km.

3)How far do you live from your office?

Answer- I live 3 km away from my office.

4)How far is Orko city from here?

Answer- It is 82 km away from here.

5)How far is the city market from here?

Answer- It is 7 km away from here.

6)How far do you go for a morning walk?

Answer- I go about 5 km for a morning walk.

12)How long

1)How long do study?

Answer- I study for 8 hours daily.

2)How long do you wait?

Answer- I wait for 3 hours.

3)How long do you play?

Answer- I play for 2 hours.

4)How long do you watch TV?

Answer- I watch TV for 2 hours.

5)How long did you sleep?

Answer- I slept for 8 hours.

6)How long do you work?

Answer- I work for 8 hours.

13)At what time

1}At what time do you get up?

Answer- I get up at 7.00 am.

2)At what time do you study?

Answer- I study at 5.00 pm.

3)At what time do you go to bed?

Answer- I go to bed at 11.00 pm.

4)At what time do you go to college?

Answer- I go to college at 10.00 am.

5)At what time will you call me?

Answer- I will call you at 5.00 pm.

6)At what time do you start work?

Answer- I start work at 10.00 am.

14)By what time

1)By what time will you come?

Answer- I will come around5.00 pm.

2)By what time do you finish your work?

Answer- I finish my work by 6.00 pm.

3)By what time will you reach home?

Answer- I will reach my home by 6.00 pm.

4)By what time did she meet you?

Answer- She met me at 3.00 pm.

5)By what time do you complete your study?

Answer- I will complete my work by 7.00 pm.

6)By what time does he tell you?

Answer- He will tell me the truth by tomorrow.

Now we will see how to frame wh-questions in each tense with 10 basic subjects in English.

What are 10 basic subjects in English?






6)Plural noun




10)Singular noun

Exercise of Wh-questions in the simple present tense.

What do I/we/you/you/students/they play?

What does he/she/it/John play?

When do I/we/you/you/students/they play?

When does he/she/it/John play?

Why do I/we/you/you/students/they play?

Why does he/she/it/John play?

Where do I/we/you/you/students/they play?

Where does he/she/it/John play?

How do I/we/you/you/students/they play?

How does he/she/it/John play?

Exercise of Wh-questions in the simple past tense.

What did I/we/you/you/students/they play?

What did he/she/it/John play?

When did I/we/you/you/students/they play?

When did he/she/it/John play?

Why did I/we/you/you/students/they play?

Why did he/she/it/John play?

Where did I/we/you/you/students/they play?

Where did he/she/it/John play?

How did I/we/you/you/students/they play?

How did he/she/it/John play?

Exercise of Wh-questions in the simple future tense.

What will I/we/you/you/students/they play?

What will he/she/it/John play?

When will I/we/you/you/students/they play?

When will he/she/it/John play?

Why will I/we/you/you/students/they play?

Why will he/she/it/John play?

Where will I/we/you/you/students/they play?

Where will he/she/it/John play?

How will I/we/you/you/students/they play?

How will he/she/it/John play?

In the same way, we can make wh-questions in all the 12 active voice and 8 passive voice tenses.

How to frame the wh-question to get underlined part as an answer?

Eg.1) He is playing cricket.

Answer- What is he playing?

The underlined word is an object and we use what to find out the object.

2)He plays cricket.

What does he play?

3) He played cricket.

What did he play?

4)He will play cricket.

What will he play?

5)He has finished work at 5.00 p.m.

When has he finished his work?

6)They went to visit their village.

Where did they go to visit?

7)He walks slowly.

How does he walk?

8)He was angry because of his mistakes.

Why was he angry?

9)You opened the gate.

Who opened the gate?

10) We have 5 books.

How many books do we have?

Learn more about yes-no-type questions here.


So we can conclude that wh-questions can be formed by using wh-word+ helping verb+ subject+ main verb+ object+?

Some wh-words need nouns with them to form questions.

I hope it will help you.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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