Use of as if in English grammar

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Use of as if in English grammar


We will learn the use of as if or as though in English grammar sentences with explanations and examples.

for becoming fluent in English you must learn present, past, future tenses.

Use of as if in English grammar

As if is used to mean or talk about some imaginary situation that may be possible under certain circumstances.

As if is used most commonly but as though is not used much even both convey the same meaning.

This use of as if can be understood from the following examples.

use of as if in sentences

  1. It was raining as if it will drown all the world.
  2. He is dancing as if he will break the stage.
  3. She dances as if she were a great dancer.(Were is used to show imaginary condition)
  4. He talks as if he were a politician.
  5. He runs as if he were Bolt.
  6. He has kept mum as if he has committed a crime.
  7. They work as if they are machines.
  8. You are reacting as if you haven’t seen me.
  9. Sam is jumping as if he is a panther.
  10. You are talking as if you are going to beat him.

This is the use of as if in English grammar sentences.


These are some of the examples of as if in English grammar sentences.

I hope you will like them as if you like the treat.

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