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Unique motivational positive life quotes


Here is the complete collection of our unique motivational quotes.

Unique motivational positive life quotes

1) Hope is the lifeline of every life.

2)If you have strong passion to do something, the whole universe will support you to achieve it.

3) Persistent efforts lead to success giving up in middle only leads to distress.

4) Good food creates good body. good thoughts create great souls.

5) Make smart choices! Thanks are not suitable to deal ants.

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6)Be generous and receive generously.

7)Always keep your mind ready and open to create,to accept and to implement new IDEAS…..

8)We never fail, either we win or learn life lesson.

9)Silence is better than chatter.

10)If you are friendly, the world will become friendly.

11)Everyday look out for better performance.

12)Spend your time and money carefully.

13)Be open for inevitable change.

14)Caring family is the greatest asset .Sacrifice everything for it .

15)Always be honest to yourself and others too.

16) Listen quietly to annoyed ones, it is the only way to avoid further loses.

17)If we will save nature today, it will save us tomorrow.


18)Being in the nature is the best remedy for stress.

19)Problem and solution are the two sides of coin.

20)Don’t try to find your limits, instead keep on breaking them which you thought your limits in the past.

21)Education is not only learning but what you become after going through it.

22)When you are facing problems, be optimistic for solutions instead of getting caught in the negative thoughts.

23) Whatever you learn in past will help you in present and future. Your life will connect the dots from past to present to future.

Dots will somehow connect

24)Be happy, make others too.

25) Education lets us know how little do we know, Ignorance does exact opposite of it.

26)If you appreciate things instead of giving reaction, Life will be lot more easier and happier.

27)If you don’t start you won’t reach where you want to.

28)It is more important to learn than to earn. The more you learn more you earn both money and satisfaction.

29)The most important Time, Person and Action in life–

Time-The present time.

Person-With you in the present time.

Action-To do good to the person with you in the present

By-Leo Tolstoy.

30)It is needless to complicate the things, Just enjoy the simple things and live life to its fullest.

31)Welcome everyday with a smile


forget painful past without regret.


These are some of our unique positive life motivational quotes.

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