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Speech about my family in English

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Speech about my family


Speech is that the speaker speaks before an audience. Here we will see a speech about my family and some useful points for it.

Points for a speech about my family

1]formal beginning

2]name of the family [surname+ family]

3] head of the family

4] type of family[joint/nuclear]

5] number of family members

6] occupations in family

7] relations

8] celebrations

9] picnics

10] qualities of your family

11] your feelings for family

12] ending

These are some of the important and valuable points for the speech about my family.

Speech about my family

Respected chief guest and all the dignities present here. Good morning, My name is Sam Wilson, I am going to tell you about my family.

The name of my family is Wilson family, my father is the head of my family. I have a joint family. There are 8 members in the family. My family occupation is farming and related businesses.

We have healthy and strong relations among my family members. They are based upon trust and mutual understanding. We celebrate every event like birthdays, festivals, weddings, anniversaries, etc with pomp and show. Everybody likes celebrations and takes part with great enthusiasm.

Every year we go for picnics for 10 to 12 times some picnics are long while some are short on weekends to our favorite destinations. The qualities of my family are that my family is kind, loving, helpful and cooperative.

I love my family very much and always pray to keep my family happy and safe.

This is all about my family. Thank you very much for listening to me.

Conclusion for a speech about my family

This is a sample speech about my family. You can make some changes and add your own points.I have given the simplest method to deliver a speech about my family.

Waiting for your valuable comments.

With love +respect from team learnhatkey.com

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