Sample speech about Nature in English for students and all

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Sample speech about Nature in English for students and all


Nature is our world and we are part of it. We need to speak about it or write an essay about it. Here is our sample about nature in English for students and with highly important points for better understanding and easy representation.

Points for the sample speech about nature in English for students at all.

Here are highly important points for the sample speech on nature in English for students, teachers and all who want to speak and write about nature.

  1. Formal beginning
  2. What is nature?
  3. Gifts of nature and resources
  4. Place of living for all
  5. Manmade Problems of nature
  6. Their impacts on nature
  7. Solution for them
  8. Your feelings
  9. Formal ending

Sample speech about Nature in English for students and all

Respected principal and all the dignitaries present here, Good morning, my name is Peter and I would like to express my thoughts about nature.

Nature is our place of living. When we say nature we mean natural, physical and material world and all kind of life in it. Nature is also called as geology or wildlife and beauty is main feature of our nature. Yes nature is beauty and beauty is nature. Nature is also vast, resourceful, supporting, threatening and inspiring magician.

Every living thing is created from nature and finally ends in it. Nature is full of resources like air, water minerals, salts, trees, living things and their interconnections. Nature has given us so many gifts including life, life support, place of living and feeding everything we need to make life better using metals, word, flowers, fruits, food, air, water, natural landscapes, lush green vegetation. Everything in nature is disciplined and well recognised. It provides equal opportunities for all living things and works on the principle of survival of the fittest.

Nature is a place for living for all animals , human things, birds, insects, trees shrubs, marine creatures and lot more. There are natural places of living like trees, oceans, caves and intelligent species like human beings use material from nature to build houses as sheeters. It is necessary for all to protect from the deadly natural forces like sun, wind, cold and rain.

Natural is our mother and our earth is its noblest expression but human beings have created lots of problems in our nature such as pollution, urbanisation , industrialisation, deforestation and resultant effects like global warming, melting of glaciers, extinction of the species, emergence of new diseases and natural calamities like floods, draughts and cyclones.

All these activities have put the existence of life in danger. If we want to protect life on this earth, we have to protect and nature instead of harmful interference we must stop pollution and adopt eco-friendly life. We must enjoy the beauty of nature instead of destroying it by deforestation, plant more trees and stop cutting them stop using harmful chemicals, pesticides and plastic. Adopt eco friendly life style , and then only nature will save us otherwise we will be extinct.

Finally I would like to say, I love nature very much. I enjoy every moment in its vicinity and I am committed to protect it for our posterity. Let’s all take an oath to protect nature and save this beautiful world that we will never get again.

Thank you very much for listening to me.


This is our sample speech and essay about Nature in English for students and all. I hope you will like it.

With love+ respect from team

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