Sample speech and essay about child labour

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Sample speech and essay about child labour


Every child has a right to be a child and not labour. we must stop child labour and in this regard, we need to give speeches or write an essay about child labour. so here is our sample speech and essay on child labour with very important points for easy understanding.

Points for the speech about child labour

  1. Formal beginning
  2. What is child labour
  3. Types of child labour
  4. Rights of children
  5. The reasons for child labour
  6. Solutions to eradicate it
  7. Formal ending

Sample speech and essay about child labour

Respected president and all the dignitaries present here, good morning, I am Sam, I am going to express my thoughts about child labour which is a very grave problem in our human world and boasts of the most civilised species.

First I would like to explain the legal definition of child labour. According to the existing laws, Any child below 14 years working on wages or earning money under any conditions is called ‘child labour’. Though everywhere ‘child labour’ is illegal, it is a sad reality that it is prevalent everywhere, especially in Asian and African countries.

Child labour is considered a curse to humanity and it tears our mask of so-called civilised people, we find different types of child labour around us such as children working in firework and match factories, Zari factories, hotels, selling news-papers, mending shoes, working as servants in homes, farms and companies. These are just popular examples. There are so many hidden forms of child labour. All of them are just exploiting our future citizens by robbing their childhood joys and rights.

As per laws, every child has the right to be a child, to get educated and mould the future as per their own choice. These are the birth rights of every child in our human society. But unfortunately, all of them are robbed of them by their parents, heartless employers and inactive governments. So many children are forced to become terrorists and kill the innocent. This is the worst case of child labour and their exploitation on the darkest levels. What is their fault? Why are they denied their birth rights?

The reasons for child labour are different. But the prime reasons are poverty and illiteracy. There are some other reasons like natural disasters, criminal mentality, greed for low-cost labour and inhuman employers. Most of the time, children fall victim to child labour because of poverty. Some parents don’t know about their children’s rights and fail to send them to school and treat them as working and earning hands very easily.

So what is the solution? Do you think the current laws have succeeded to stop it? No, we have proof everywhere and we can say only laws can’t prevent this. Social awareness, strong alliance and network of NGOs, poverty removal, education and humanitarian attitude, all these things should combine together to eradicate this evil of child labour and give our children their childhood and birth rights back. The world needs to come together to fight against this. Then only we can succeed in the extinction of child labour.

Let’s take an oath that we will not promote child labour and do every possible thing to stop it.

Thank you very much for listening to me.


This is our sample speech about child labour. I hope you will find it useful.

With love +respect from team

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