Sample speech about my favorite season-summer

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Sample speech about my favorite festival-summer


There are 3 main seasons in India. They are as follows.



3)Rainy or Monsoon

Each season has its own features. Here is our sample speech about my favorite festival in summer with important points for easy understanding.

Points for the speech about my favorite season- Summer

1)Formal beginning

2)3 Indian seasons

3)Why is the summer season my favorite?

4)Weather and climate


6)Food, fruits, juices, ice cream

7)Summer camps and activities

8)how to protect yourself from the summer heat and enjoy it?

9)Some problems of summer

10)My feelings about the summer


12)Formal ending

These are some of the important points for the speech about my favorite season-summer

Sample speech about my favorite season-Summer

Respected principal, teachers, and friends, good morning, I am Sam and I would like to express my thoughts about my favorite season which is Summer.

There are 3 main seasons in India. They include winter, summer, and rainy seasons. Each season has its unique weather and features. But summer is very important and my favorite season. It starts in March and lasts up to June or till the arrival of Monsoon rains.

I really like the summer season because of its various features. This season is full of fun and enjoyment and school holidays for 2 months is its prime reason. Students are free from the burden of study and homework. The hot climate makes you stay at home and the whole family enjoys being together for a lot of time by various means such as chatting, TV watching, playing indoor games, and having summer special food, cold drinks, juices, and ice cream.

School holidays work as a catalyst for our happiness and fun. We enjoy games like carrom, ludo, chess, and hide and seek. We can’t go out because of the scorching heat and the weather is always hot and it makes everybody sweat. Especially 12.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. is the hottest time during the summer season and people avoid going out unnecessarily. Air is dry and the body gets dehydrated during the summer season.

For that reason, schools are closed for the summer holidays and children make the most of it by doing things of their choice. They get a very rare opportunity to spend time with family and friends without any worry. We can go for picnics to cool hill stations and even to nearby parks with family and friends. I enjoy swimming most during the summer.

Summer has its own food culture. We need to stay hydrated and eat light food to keep ourselves healthy and fit. So people enjoy lemon and other fruit juices, fruits like mango and watermelon, and different types of ice creams. We need to drink a lot of water. Still, extreme heat causes health problems like dehydration and sunstroke and other skin-related problems like rashes and infections.

We need to take proper care during the summer season to enjoy it fully. People wear cotton clothes and use umbrellas, and caps to beat the heat. Despite these problems, I just love the summer season. There are various summer camps and activities that give us an opportunity to learn new things and explore the world. There are many events and festivals and fairs during this time and going there is just fun. I think the summer brings joy to our lives which is lost because of our fast and busy life but this season makes us slow down and enjoy the real life of happiness.

Farmers are a bit busy tilling the land and preparing it for growing crops. Still, people have a lot of free time to come together and celebrate but remember to take proper care like keeping water bottles and or sachets. Avoid being in the direct sunlight and you will be all right and ready to enjoy this season.

We can conclude that summer is an important season. It lasts from March to June and if we take proper care we can really enjoy it and the fun of summer makes it my favorite season.

Thank you very much for listening to me.


This is our sample speech about my favorite season – summer.

I hope you will find it helpful.

With love +respect from team

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