Qualities of Teachers and Learners-students

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Qualities of Teachers and Learners-students


Teachers and learners are actively involved in the process of learning. Both of them should have certain qualities. Then only any kind of teaching and learning process will be successful.

we will study here the essential qualities of the learners

It is an open truth that most of learners fail to achieve outstanding results. Very few learners can do it. Some are good and most of the remaining are average. It is not much encouraging but sadly it’s true.

Reasons can be many such as

Lack of proper trainer, lack of motivation, lack of necessary knowledge and right techniques with the proper environment but the most important reason for failure in any kind of learning is the qualities of the learner. If you have various qualities mentioned below you will overcome all the above-mentioned barriers.

so let’s see which are the qualities or attributes of personality that every learner and teacher should possess.

Essential qualities of the learners

1)Burning Desire-

If you want to learn something you must have a burning desire. It is the best thing to bring about a positive outcome in your learning.


The mother of all learning is curiosity. A strong desire to know about everything around us is curiosity. Learning is the only way to get solutions to your curiosity.


Being careful and conscientious is diligence. It is highly recommended quality for every learner.

4)Fearlessness –

We avoid doing things for the fear of failure. Here everybody should always remember that while doing anything failure and success are the only probable results. So why should we think about failure only? If our efforts are in the proper direction, Failure will be nowhere and success will be everywhere. so be a fearless learner.

5)Never give up Just do it attitude-

Many times the learner is so tired and frustrated that he/ she opts to quit. But it is a place where you should persist instead of giving up. Just do it and never settle till success embraces you openly.

6) Hardworking and persistent-

Everybody knows the famous quote one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration. There are no shortcuts to success of any kind and hard work is the only key to success be it physical, mental or a combination of both(such as physimental).


Punctuality is the greatest personality trait of every successful person. Keeping pace with time and utilising it is much-needed quality in the 21st century and those who are lagging behind should keep track of every activity.

8)Regularity –

Learners must be regular. We start pursuing any activity and leave it short. It becomes nine days of wonder for them. It results in a loss of interest, a break in consistency and resultant failure in the particular activity.

9) Extreme liking from the bottom of the heart-

If we like the things that we are going to learn, our chances of getting success to maximize. So it is needed to choose the learning which you like most wisely.


Doing anything honestly without resorting to foul ways is needed for success in learning and even in Life also.


Being enthusiastic about any kind of learning is highly appreciated. If you are curious, energetic and enthusiastic, you will achieve anything including learning.

12) Disciplined-

Discipline is necessary for all walks of life if we don’t want to make a mess of everything.


if you are obedient, then your mentor will be able to give you a maximum learning experience that you will understand properly and succeed. So be obedient and succeed in your learning but don’t give up your own way of thinking by blindly following anybody.

14)Respectfulness –

You can achieve anything but dislikes without respectfulness. Respect is a two-way process. If we respect others, they will also respect us in return. If we respect our learning, teachers, and co-learners, they will respect us too. It will expand your learning abilities.

Necessary qualities of Teachers and Trainers

Teachers are the persons who help others acquire learning and its resultant outcomes like knowledge, information and skills. In this modern Times, there have been drastic changes in teachers’ jobs, from passive teachers to become Active assistants. In the learning process, the teacher teaches as well as learns with the students. To become a successful teacher, one must have the following qualities.

1) Deep subject knowledge-

The teacher must have in-depth knowledge of his or her teaching subjects. Then only quality learning of students is possible , teacher can satisfy the curiosity of the students and open new doors of knowledge for them.

2) pleasing personality-

Everybody likes pleasing personalities and teachers are no exception to it. A teacher’s personality creates a great impact on the students’ learning by making them positive and enthusiastic.

3) Hard working-

If you want to become a successful and good teacher, you must be ready to do hard work. This is not only applicable to teachers but also for all. They should work hard to gather information, and knowledge and to acquire new skills from various sources. It requires tremendous hard work.

4) Patient and understanding-

Every teacher must have patience and the ability to understand his students who are struggling to learn new things. Many times, it takes a lot of time to produce favourable results. For that teacher should have patience and understanding.

5) Kind and helpful-

Being kind and helpful is a universal value necessary for all human beings, especially for the teachers who need it most because they are dealing with curious minds ready to acquire things that the teacher knows.

6) Dedication-

If you are dedicated to your profession, you will definitely succeed. Your dedication will help you to do everything from the bottom of your heart and ultimately you will produce awesome results.

7) A good communicator-

Communication is necessary for all parts of our lives and the teaching field requires its best version. If you are a good communicator of your ideas, you will succeed in your learning objectives.

08) Problem-solving ability-

The most important life skill for these modern Times is problem-solving ability. Even the most important aim of education and variety of learning is to develop problem-solving abilities in students. If the teacher has this virtue then outstanding learning results will be achieved.

9) Discipline-

Discipline in all walks of life is necessary and to carry out a successful learning process, there is a set of discipline for students and teachers also. If the teacher follows discipline and insists his learners do the same, then learning will be easy.

10) Positive attitude-

Like a flat tyre, a negative attitude will take you nowhere, In the same way, teachers must be positive to make learners positive and confident.

11) Confident-

A lack of confidence is the worst thing to have for anyone. Be confident and be brave then only you will achieve your learning and teaching goals.

12) Motivated-

Motivated minds can only motivate other minds, just like the mutual induction technique of electricity.

13) Impartial behaviour

For every teacher, Being impartial is the greatest virtue Favouring selected and being indifferent to others is partial behaviour. A successful teacher pays equal attention to all his learners and tries to help all the students equally for learning.

14) Co-learner-

The teacher is a learner throughout life. It is just learning from one source and passing it on to others. The teacher learns many things from students and all the other surrounding factors and implements them in learning to produce better results relevant to the current time.

15) Character

The mental and moral qualities of any individual is character. Teachers must have good character to become role models of his or her students. Then only he or she will succeed


Every learner and teacher must have these qualities. It is not that much difficult to acquire them as the same is needed to make your life fruitful and successful.

Wish you all the best in learning.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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