Advantages and disadvantages of online learning teaching during coronavirus pandemic-2020-21

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Advantages and disadvantages of online learning teaching during coronavirus pandemic-2020-21


Nowadays online learning( virtual learning )has become the talk of the town. All the schools, colleges, and educational institutions are closed due to covid -19 pandemic for the last few months. To avoid the educational losses of the students, most governments all over the world and education providers have taken the initiative to start online classes for students right from kindergarten to degree students.

Technology especially information technology has proved a boon during this time as it has provided a very useful, sound, reliable, effective and alternative platform to the physical teaching-learning process in educational institutions. Everywhere online classes are going on.

We have got very handy platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Google meets, Microsoft teams, zoom meetings, whats app video calls and many more. Even these platforms are useful for the virtual meetings of almost all sectors including government, private businesses, companies, offices, marketing firms, traders and many more.

So let’s see what is online learning and teaching, its definition, types, various platforms available to conduct, its advantages and disadvantages, pros cons, boons curses, benefits- losses, and how they have become the need of the time in detail.

1)Nature and definition of online learning and teaching

Online learning and teaching is the process carried out over internet-based platforms like Google meet, Microsoft teams, zoom meetings, youtube, etc. Teachers and students are not present face to face but connected by internet-based platforms and through them, the education process goes on. It is also called as e-learning or virtual learning.

Actually, this is not a new concept. Online learning has been going on for a long time through the internet. Earlier before the beginning of the pandemic, it was not used widely popular and practiced But it was there.

The tremendous outbreak of covid-19 pandemic has given rise to the use of online learning-teaching platforms. It has become really impossible and dangerous for teachers and students to come face to face all over the world in schools and colleges. That is the reason why the online learning and teaching process has been started and promoted all over the world.

2)Types of online learning-

There are different types of online learning programs available such as self-learning, school college learning, online courses, YouTube learning, and learning through educational apps and programs. let’s know more about them in short.

1) Self-learning

We can learn so many new things available in the form of videos and courses on YouTube and various websites. It is called self-learning. There is no age limit for this kind of learning and no direct contact and interaction with the teacher or guide. We can do it at our convenience.

2) School and college online teaching-learning process

This is the most important factor in this present situation going on in the field of online education. We can’t imagine education without a physical presence in schools and colleges but restrictions caused by the lockdown have given rise to online teaching-learning platforms as Google meet, Microsoft teams, zoom meetings, and Youtube.

They have made us believe that education can take place online almost like it was in schools and colleges. Though these platforms have teething troubles, they are doing a very good job of providing education and keeping students away from infection. Most schools and colleges have started their formal education of each class through online platforms and all of them have become largely successful. For online learning android mobile and headphones are necessary.

3) Online courses

There are so many websites, institutions, and even Universities providing various online courses as a part of distance learning programs.

4) YouTube learning

YouTube has achieved the status of the second biggest search engine after Google. There are a variety of courses, video tutorials and individual stories to learn on YouTube. Many schools and colleges have started YouTube channels for providing online learning to their students. We can search for the topics we want to learn there and we will get a variety of options to learn them on YouTube.

Even the likes, comments, and shares will tell us to choose the right one. YouTube has become a very useful, free, convenient, user-friendly, online learning platform. We can watch our lessons at our convenient timings.

5) Learning through educational apps, programs

For the last few years, there have been so many educational apps available like BYJU’s, Vedantu, Udemy, Linda, Khan Academy, TED, Goodreads, Duolingo, Studyblue EDX, and many more. Some of them like byju’s , and Udemy are providing the complete package of each standard’s all subjects in-depth teaching. It makes even homeschooling possible if we decide to opt for it.

Their fees might appear higher but the quality of learning and experience is outstanding covering every single detail in an interactive manner using graphic designing and other handy tools to make them worth of every penny. Also, there are some free apps and courses but you have to compromise with the quality and overall experience.

Types of online learning -teaching platforms

Before the covid-19 Pandemic, most of the people were not much familiar with the online meetings, learning platforms and even video calls and video conferencing but these things were in practice and gradually improved from user experience and reviews.

As soon as the lockdown started and people were stranded at their homes, they desperately felt the need of online platforms which were already available. In the beginning zoom app proved handy for all you want. Right now it has been used by many. Slowly other platforms like Google meet, YouTube, Facebook live, and Microsoft teams started becoming popular.

They have made online learning and meeting very easy, convenient, cost-effective, and time-saving. At the same time, they provide a lot of facilities like video chat, file transfer, sharing, and recording, large user base, and the most important thing is that most of them are available free of cost. Users have to pay only for data charges which are very less in comparison with the help they provide.

We just can’t imagine how a big job is being done by this platform by saving millions from infection and even precious lives. These platforms have completely reduced the need to go out in crowded places. The whole world is thankful for the job being done by these online learning platforms.

Advantages of online learning -teaching (Education process)

1) It is the best alternative to the physical presence of students and teachers in schools, colleges, and educational institutions.

2) It has saved millions from getting infected by covid-19.

3) It has provided interactive learning platforms by using pictures, audio, videos, and presentations.

4) It has solved the problem of traveling for education, business meetings, and most other purposes and saved time as well as money.

5) Students and teachers can learn and teach from their homes.

6) Burden of school uniforms, school bags, and traveling, bullying has been drastically reduced.

7) Parents are comfortable with having their children in front of them during the pandemic and taking their lessons at home.

8) Teachers can explain the content of the lesson properly and students can easily understand it as they don’t have others to disturb them.

9) Homework, assignments, and other project works can be explained and assigned properly.

10) All the interactions and lectures are being recorded and they can be used for revision and re-learning and for doing more study.

11) You have an option of choosing the right courses on the right platforms at your convenient timings, suitable to your budget.

Disadvantages of online learning and teaching process

1) The problem of internet connectivity and proper range is very serious posing great restrictions in the learning process.

2) Everybody can’t afford to use smartphones or laptops for online learning. It is a very costly setup.

3) Students of very young age are online for hours. It is affecting their eyes, and mental and physical health to large extent.

4) Parents have to stay with their wards during online lectures leaving their domestic duties.

5) Students tend to use the internet resulting in distraction from their study and indulging in internet surfing, online gaming, and chatting.

6) Physical presence for the teaching-learning process cannot be replaced hundred percent by online teaching-learning platforms.

7) Students fail to understand all the concepts in detail and they can’t do science practicals and other field training and activities online.

8) Teachers fail to explain everything properly through online platforms.

9) The learning environment is not created by the online learning process.

10) Students are being addicted to the interactive and colorful screen and missing physical activities It is causing health problems and might result in serious problems in the future.

6)Is online learning the need of time especially during a covid-19 pandemic?

Many people will find many advantages and disadvantages of this online teaching-learning process but everybody will accept that online learning -teaching is the need of the present time.

Especially when there are a lot of restrictions and dangers to going out. Hence there is no better alternative right now. We will definitely avoid educational losses for the students during the lockdown.

Even though we will overcome this pandemic situation in a few months but these online platforms have opened a variety of opportunities for learning and doing various courses available worldwide.

So education field has been blessed permanently by the development of online teaching-learning platforms.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that the online teaching-learning process is the best alternative for this pandemic situation restrictions. Even in the future, we can use it in our favor by avoiding unnecessary travel.

We can use these platforms to get connected with the whole world and it will certainly help to make this world a better place but close monitoring is necessary to avoid its misuse. Do inform us what you think about this topic through your comments.

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