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Poster writing in English

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Poster writing in English


The poster is an important means of print media and it is a very important skill.

Here we will see what is poster and how to make a poster.

What is a poster

The poster is a board or placard publically displayed about the advertisement of an idea, product, service or person in the form of notices and invitations.

Purpose of preparing the posters

Posters are prepared to make the general public aware about any product idea service or any event or to convey important information for all.

Posters make a job of propagating something very easy as it is eye-catching and in appealing and easy to understand language.

How to draft a poster

Making a proper poster is a skill and with some effort, one can master it at ease.

First, know the subject, gather all important details related to it and most importantly use the format provided below.

Use simple and effective words that are appealing to the masses.

Use your persuasion skills to convey the message of your poster.

Use symbols or figures to make visual understanding without reading all the details.

Make it attractive but simple to understand.

Format of the poster

We should use a specific format for making a poster. It is as follows.





5)Name of the issuing organization

6)Contact details

You can also add some of your own relevant points.

This is the format of the poster.

Now we will see a sample poster

Sample poster about cleanliness drive in Orko City.


Orko city announces



1st January 2022 Thursday

What are we going to do—-

  • Use dustbin and don’t litter
  • Separate dry and wet garbage
  • Don’t spit on roads and in public places
  • Participate in the cleanliness drive
  • Keep your surrounding clean
  • Keep your city free of garbage

Contact for more details-

Orko city Municipal corporation

Cleanliness Department

Orko city

Join all to clean all

Keep your city clean and green-Make everybody feels it mine.

This is a sample poster.


From the above explanation, we can conclude that poster is a board displayed about advertisement.

The format of the poster includes title, slogan, subject, description, name of the issuing authority or organization and contact details.

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