Position of adverb in the sentence

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Position of Adverbs in English sentences


We often use various kinds of adverbs in our sentences. When there are more than one adverbs in the sentence then it is difficult to write them in the correct order.

Here we will see the correct order or position of adverbs in sentences.

What is an adverb?

An adverb is a word which tells more about the verb, adjective or another adverb in the same sentence.


Very, greatly, extremely, simply, so, too, really, indeed, fast, slowly.

There are four important types of adverbs. They are adverbs of manner, place, time and frequency.

Positions of adverbs of manner, place, time, frequency.

1)Position of adverb of manner

Generally, we use adverb of manner after the direct object and if there is no direct object then we use adverb of manner directly after the main verb.


1)He plays cricket nicely.

2)He runs slowly.(Here there is no object. So adverb slowly is used after main verb runs)

2)Position of adverb of place.

We use the adverb of place after the direct object and if there is no direct object, use the adverb of place after the main verb.


1)He plays cricket everywhere.

2)He runs anywhere.

3)Position of adverb of time

Commonly we use the adverb of time at the end of the sentence but sometimes we use it at the beginning of the sentence, but such use changes the emphasis in the sentence.


1)He will play a match tomorrow.

2)Tomorrow, He will play a match.

4)Position of adverb of frequency

Use the adverb of frequency directly before the main verb of the given sentence.


1)He always plays cricket.

2)He never fails to practice.

Positions of adverbs when there are more than one adverbs or adverb phrases in the sentence.

When there are more than one adverbs, in the sentence, then the order of them is as follows.

First-adverb of manner,

Second-adverb of place

Third-adverb of frequency.

Fourth-adverb of time


1)She practiced continuously for 5 days in her home.

2)I never eat food in school.

In this way, we have studied the correct position of adverbs in the sentences.


We can conclude that the sequence of adverbs is the first adverb of manner then place, frequency, time.

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