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How to write a Film Review

Shree Ganeshay Namah

How to write a Film Review


Films are an individual part of our lives and they have a great impact on the world. Writing a film review is a good skill and necessary for students.

Here we will see what is film review and how to write a film review using the points.

Film review helps us to decide whether to watch the particular film or not.

What is a film review?

The expression of one’s personal views for any particular film, documentary or movie is called a film review.

One can express opinions about the film and its characters, plot and background through the review.

A film review makes reader curious or anxious about the film and helps to decide about watching or not watching the film.

Ideal points for the film review.

Now we will discuss about ideal points for the film review.

They are as follows.


Here one should give a storyline of the film in few sentences.


Tell the name of the producer of the film.


Provide the name of the director of the film.

4)Music Director

You should write the name of the music director of the film.


Give the names of major and minor characters of the film.

6)Setting of the film

You should provide the proper location of the film where all the actions take place.

7)Conflict in the film

Conflict means the difference of opinions or disagreement. Give all the important details regarding the conflict in the film.

8)Message of the film

Tell the readers about the message conveyed through this film.

9)Aptness of the title of the film

Provide your explanation about the aptness and the significance of the title of the film.

These are the nine points that one can use for writing a film review.

Now we will see a sample film review

Sample film review of the film Narnia


Write a review of the film Narnia (Part 1, 2, 3, 4) with the help of the following points.




4)music director





9)Aptness of the title

Film review of Narnia (Part 1, 2, 3, 4)

Narnia is a popular film about four siblings who find a path to Narnia -a land of wonders.


Narnia is a fantasy film produced in 2005. In this film, four English children reach the fantasy land of Narnia through the wardrobe door. It was an old prophecy that these four children will reach Narnia and save this land and themselves through their adventures.


The producers of this film are Walden media and Disney Pictures.


The director of this amazing film is Andrew Adamson.

4)Music director-

The music director of this film is Harry Gregson Williams.


There are various characters in this film such as Lucy, Edmund, Susan, Henley, William Mosley, Anna Popplewell and Skandar Keynes.


The setting or the location where this film’s action takes place is the wonderland of Narnia. There are talking animals, mythical creatures ruled by an evil white witch.


The conflict in this film is between the children and the evil witch and also it is among the four siblings.


The message of this film is good in opposition of bad or evil, cheating, forgiveness, love of siblings, adventures, courage and sacrifice.

9)Aptness of the title

The title of this film Narnia is apt and suitable and significant as there are mystical characters like lion, talking animals and witch in this fantasy land of Narnia.

This is a sample film review of the film Narnia.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that film review is the expression of one’s personal views for nay film.

There are nine sample points for writing a film review.1)Story2)producer3)director4)music director5)characters6)setting7)conflict8)message9)Aptness of the title

Let me know what is your idea of writing a film review through your valuable comments.

With love+ respect from team learnhatkey.com

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