How to use many and much correctly


In English language, many and much are used as determiners before countable and uncountable nouns.

Here we will know about them in detail.

What is a determiner?

Determine is the word which limits the meaning of noun and works like adjective by describing noun.

Some of the common and popular determiners are as follows,

Many, much, some, any, little, less

Use of many and much

Many is used before countable plural nouns. It means we can use many before such nouns that can be counted in numbers.


I have read many books.

He has many friends.

There are many houses in this village.

Much is used before uncountable nouns. It means we can use much before nouns that can not be counted in numbers.


I can’t eat much rice.

He never drinks much milk.

she didn’t have much confidence.


From the above discussion,we can conclude that many is used before countable nouns and much is used before uncountable nouns.

Do let’s know what do you think about it through your comments.

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