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How to use Had Better in English grammar

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How to use Had Better in English grammar


If you want to master English speaking and writing, you must master some of the handy advanced grammar structures used frequently in speaking and writing.

Now we will see a very important structure Had Better here.

How to use Had Better in English grammar

Had Better is a special construction used to tell how doing something is better for somebody.

It denotes something is helpful for you if you do it.

Had better has no tense but it is used for giving present or future sense.

An important note in the use of Had Better- You should never use to after v1 that comes after Had better in our sentences. In negative sentences, not is used after had better.

We will see a simple formula for the use of Had Better

Subject+ had better+ v1+ …..

The following examples will clear all your doubts in the use of Had Better.

Examples of the use of Had Better

1)You had better speak with him.

2)They had better settle their quarrel.

3)She had better complete her project in time to avoid fine.

4)He had better change his way of speaking.

5)We had better leave this place now.

6)You had better come on the stage.

7)He had better not disturb us.

8)People had better not go there.

9We had better not attend that function.

10)Sam had better not take out loans.

These are some of the examples of the use of had better in our sentences.

Conclusion for the use of had better.

It is clear from the above explanation that had better is a special construction and not related to tenses. It is used to tell that doing something is favorable or better for you in the present condition.

What is your opinion about the use of Had Better? Tell us through your comments.

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